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This is the full game that will play from your hard drive without the need of the CD-ROM. It has the 4.2 patch included so no need to download seperate patches anymore. It also includes Aqrit's Vista/Nvidia patch as an install option (it asks you if you want aqrit's fix or not). Once this is installed you can launch games in the warzone. Make sure you use the bypass option while in the warzone.

Plotinus has updated the download...he has taken out the music and movie which has reduced the size of the download by 90 percent.

He states:

I've got a much smaller version available for download now, 30 MB instead of 400 MB--hacked it so it can run without the movies and music.

v4.3 of the Starter Pack includes a new application, AA Helper. To find it after installing, go to Start\Programs\Axis & Allies\AA Helper.

This is intended as a trouble-shooting application for people having problems running AA--crashes, slow graphics, etc.

Its got the ability to install and uninstall Aqrits fix as well as a couple of other things to try explained more in it--forcing Process Affinity to 1 core or to multiple cores, and running with or without in-game music and videos. In no in-game music mode, the thread that handles music in the game never gets created, so that may help with slow graphics or people crashing from incapatibilities.


If you wish to play others on the WARZONE here is the download:

Having problems with your download working? Here is a help forum.

Want to play rated games against good players?

NOTE: The purpose of this download is for legitimate past owners of the 1998 Axis and Allies CD-ROM whose CD has become lost or unusable/unreadable. Installing this without ever owning the orginal CD-ROM may constitute a violation of Hasbro's copyrights and should not be done.