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Download ==Allied general offensive, Spring 1944.
Victory condition:
Allies: defeat of at least 2 Axis powers; /or a production and TUV ratio both at least 4.
Axis: survive beyond 10 round; at least 2 Axis powers must be standing; Axis TUV of at least 50% of Allies'
Key feature:
1) Turn order please refer to Stats menu, top down:G,R,I,C,J,B,A,C,A;
2) To reflect national tech strength, tech activation is delayed differently: delay times are
(nations in turn order,x=no tech ):0,3,x,x,2,3,1,x,x;
3) Russia capital is now Nizh-Novosibirsk; Volga River is vital in transporting troops, as it connects
Don, Stalingrad, Vladimir,Caucasus and Ryazan; Ural blocks access from to Vladimir/Kazan/Kazakhstan
to Ryazan, except through Volga River; Stalingrad therefore serves as an even more crucial junction.
4) Yunan is now inaccessible except chinese reflecting the role of Burma road;
5) Neutral charge:9 PU, garrisoned neutrals can be attacked;

Key units stats:
kamikazeZero: 3, 1, 6(light armoured suicidal fighter,very low carrier cost)
jetfighter: 4,5, 12 (advanced fighter, can not land on carrier, Germany)
M41Mustang: 4/4/12 (American heavy, long range fighter, equipped sub detector)
Il2 4/3/10 (Russian tank destroyer fighter)
heavy bomber: 5, 1, 17 (special: SBR, UK only)
tactical bomber 5/1/14 (can not do strategic bombing raid)
B29: 5, 2, 20 (special: SBR, range 8)
carrier 1/2/18(3 fighters)
mini_submarine: 1, 1, 3 (submerge, sneak attack, 1 move, Japan)
Special task destroyer: 2, 2, 9 (special: moves on 3, Japan only)
heavy cruiser: 4, 4, 18 (special: bombardment)
Yamato class Battleship: 5,5, 30 (Bombardment, naval arti-support, transport, can land 1 zero)
Graf-Zepline 3/4/24 (Heavily armed carrier, can transport, bombard, only 2 fighters may land)
Bismarck class battleship: 5, 5, 28 (German heavy warship, can transport, bombardment)
naval mine: 0, 1, 2.5 (special: anit naval)
Katyusha: 2, 1, 4 (cheap Russian mobile artillery)
lightarmour: 2, 2, 4 (bliz,available all countries except China)
T34 medium tank 3/3/5
Panther: 3/4/10 (advanced heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits)
Tiger: 4, 4, 12 (famous German heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits, artillery support)
Tiger2:5, 5, 14 (the ultimate Germany heavy tank,2 hits, bliz, artillery support)
Iosif Stalin tank 3/3/10 (Russian heavy tank, infantry support, 2 hits, 1 move)
bonzai-infantry: 2,1,3(zealous IJA infantry, sacrifice defense for added offense);
gulag-conscript: 0,1,1.5(4 per 6 PU, poorly trained and equipped conscripts);;
commando: 3, 3, 6 (elite raiding units, o transport cost, UK)
stormtrooper: 2, 2, 4 (highly mobile elite infantry, Germany)
Waffen_SS_Elite: 3/4/6 (best infantry, Germany)
Bunker: 0, 0, 4 (defence structure, Germany only)
partisan: 0, 1, 1 (local resistance, can not move, 2 for 2)
mobilefactory: (Russian mobile industrial, can relocate/transport to a friendly controlled area)

by Lebowski

Nations: Russians Germans Americans Japanese Chinese British Minor_Axis_powers Canadians Australians

Units: infantry Waffen_SS_Elite armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser halftrack s_destroyer Mobilefactory Bunker fighterjet Tiger2 navalmine yamato B29_Superfortress fleetcarrier escortcarrier marine SilentHunter mini_submarine zero heavybomber T34MediumTank Bismarck commando stormtrooper Katyusha lightarmour Tiger chinesepartisan lightcruiser King_George_class_battleship B25 tactical_bomber kamikazeZero Panther IS2 Ilyushin-Il-2 Graf_zeppelin GulagConscript Longlance_submarine Longlance_midgetsub P51mustang StuG Uss_Iowa Bonzai_Infantry

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