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+ Hellgate Europe 1944 + detailed units info please refer to Hearts of iron

changes: StuGIV 2/3/2 infantry support suggested victory condition:

Allies: total annihilation

Germany: survive beyond round 8; last round production of no less than 40; total TUV of at least 350(or no less than 35% of allies TUV); secure at least 3 fronts(Danish sea zone; Eastern front along Poland/Hungary line; Northern Italy; France); keep above condition for at least 3 continuous rounds

alternative 1: defeat Soviet union by capturing at least two of the three circled Russian cities, and keep them under German control for at least 3 rounds; Germany must not fall. alternative 2: inflict enough damage to allies while maintain integrity (at any time, allies TUV is 700 or less and German TUV 450 or more); Russia must not advance beyond Poland/Hungary line; (not including navy)Red army must not outnumber the Heer. Germany must not fall. Hellgate-Europe