Uses tww ruleset as of tww 2.7.5 STILL IN BETA TESTING, EXPECT BUGS.

  • Only russia, germany, britain, and japan are actually playable, all other nations don't actually do anything.
  • THERE IS NO WATER. so don't go for naval units or techs.
  • READ TWW MANUAL for rules and unit info; it's not included in this distribution due to its large size. You gain a national objective bonus for destroying TUV of other players each turn as follows: INDEPENDENTS ARENT WORTH THIS BONUS
  • TUV destroyed --- Total Bonus PU
  • 3 ---------- 1
  • 10 ---------- 3
  • 25 ---------- 7
  • 50 ---------- 15 Give thanks to RolfLarsson and Hepps and everyone who helped with TWW; they made this tww conversion possible.     
  • HexGlobe FFA a TWW