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Title Revised With Cavalry AKA "Hooves Of War"


"Hooves Of War" is about the Cavalry Units used during World War II. The Russians and Germans used Cavalry Units to fight one another during World War II and "Hooves Of War" allows the Cavalry Unit to participate in the "Revised" Axis & Allies Game. The Cavalry Units are only used by Russia and Germany and cannot be transported. The Cavalry Units will allow Russia and Germany to have Armour cover and will allow them the ability to reach 2 territories like an Armour Unit but at a lesser IPC cost. The thought process behind the addition of the Cavalry Units is to add speed to the game of the "Revised" Axis & Allies Game.

Only two countries have the ability to produce Cavalry Units. I see this as a minor change like the adddition of the Artillery Units and Destroyer Units added to the 'Classic" Axis & Allies Gmae or the Artillery units added to the "Iron Blitz" Axis & Allies Game.

I want to thank Roger Cooper and Sieg for their contributions. Roger Cooper for his help creating this game through the XML Files and Sieg for giving my friend Cathie the Cavalry Units and Bunker Units to add to this game. Without either one of them helping, this game would not be possible. Special thanks goes out to Triple A and this website for supporting "Hooves Of War".

Hooves of War