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Hot War-1956


The Cold War becomes hot in 1956. The Soviet Bloc contends for supremacy against the west.

The rules of AA50 are followed for the most part. The exceptions are

The nuclear powers (US,USSR,UK) have heavy bombers (3 dice). The number can be edited.

Ships can move 3 (US doctrine allowed rapid movement of forces)

Subs defend at 2 (subs had improved since WW2)

Bombers move 10 (intercontinental bombers) Bombers attack at only 1 (they are not designed for Tac Air support)

Bombers defend at 6 (defensive use of nukes) AA Guns cost 3 and are destructible (interceptors)

Factories are unbuildable and are destructible (nuked cities are hard to replace)

No PU's are gained from taking capitals

Soviet Bloc wins by achieving 150 PU of income West Bloc wins achieving 250 PU of income

Note that some territories starting with units from different sides in them

Income values are based upon the Maddison_Database.

Unit setup was created for balance, with little reference to actual forces