Download: In repository under experimental A game based on Europe in the 16th Century. In this scenario, The Habsburg Monarchy manages to bring all of its holdings into a strongly unified single nation. The powerful nations of France, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire unite to stop this growing threat, and the other nations of Europe all take sides. The game isn't historically accurate, its just an attempt to capture various conflicts from Europe in this era and bring them into a single scenario. It also aims to include often unseen but powerful nations, such as Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Venice.

Habsburg Alliance- Habsburg Monarchy, Italian States, Poland-Lithuania, and Sweden Anti-Habsburg- France, Ottoman Empire, Russia and Denmark

Unit Stats
Units ATK DEF Move Cost Special
Pikemen 4 5 1 12 +1 defense if the enemy has a knight (1 boost per enemy knight)
Musketmen 6 6 1 15 Suppress- One enemy pikemen recieves -1 attack,-1 defense
Cannon 5 5 1 15 Rolls 2 dice, but dies instantly if unprotected
Knights 7 6 2 18 2 movement. Can blitz
Navy 5 6 2 20 Can transport 1 unit
Half Castle 20 Turn 1 of building a castle
Can be captured
Castle 20 Must consumes a half castle to build.
Blocks the highest 5 enemy dice rolls
*Currently neutral castles don't work
City Can produce units up to value of a territory
Cannot build new cities
Village Allows you to place one pikemen.
Consumed on use, cannot be built
You can only build one pikemen via village per territory per turn

Castle clarifications
It will stop the highest 5 enemy dice from being rolled.
This means5 pikemen have a 0% to take a castle guarded by any unit with HP.
Cannons roll two dice, which means a castle will only block half of their attack.
Cannon clarifications
Cannons will roll 2 dice.
In LL it means they have 10 attack instead of 5.
In dice it means one cannon can kill two enemies.
Village clarifications
You can only use one village in a territory per turn.
Don't buy pikemen to place in villages. Buy recruits.

Nations: France Habsburg_Monarchy Ottoman_Empire Italian_States Russia Poland-Lithuania Denmark Sweden

Units: Pikemen Cannon Knights Musketmen Navy HalfCastle Castle City Village RecruitPikemen

House of Habsburg
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