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4 enemy powers have struck the U.S., seizing key cities and territories. After the fall of Washington the federal government collapses but resistance continues throughout the homeland.


  • The order of play for each turn is: Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern, with the US playing last.
  • If using the A.I. use only E.Z. Fodder.
  • The turn sequence is: Buy Units/Place Units/Combat Move/Combat/Non Combat Move.
  • Invaders can only place new units on factories, located on cities. The US can place its units anywhere, the number limited by the territory's PU value.
  • Canada connects to Minneapolis.

US Objectives

  • US player objective: eliminate all invaders
  • The Americans cannot build units but will receive 1 infantry for each 3 territories they control.
  • Americans cannot move into the starting invasion zones.

Invader(s) Objectives

  • Conquer 2 capitols of the other invaders.
  • Invaders are not allied with one another

Units (Attack/Defense/Movement/PU Cost):

  • Regular 1/1/1/3
  • Infantry 2/1/1/4 (US guerrilla units, 1 for each 3 US controlled territories)
  • Mechanized 1/2/2/4
  • Armor 2/2/2/5 (can blitz)
  • Helicopter 2/2/4/6 (can transport 1 infantry/regular as paratrooper)
  • Bomber 3/3/8/8
  • Laser 0/4/0/12 (2 hit, no repair - US only)

Author: Hobbes__
Images: Dagon81
Testing & Ideas: Pwnator

Invasion USA-Apocalypse
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