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Iron Blitz 1939A Historical

This scenario begins with World War Two as one of its earliest points.
Germany and Japan begin their bid for power.
Both Germany and Japan begin holding fewer territories, but prepared for war.
The UK, Russia and the United States begin holding more territories, but are less prepared to begin fighting.

A classic mod which mimick the first and only Iron Blitz
Axis and Allies expansion pack released by Hasbro.

The IB expansion was exactly the same game as the original game, but it added destroyers and marines.


attack and defend at 2, and cost 8 PUs. The limited anti-submsrine ability of Iron Blitz is not reflected, destroyers are treated as ordinary ships.


attack at 1 (2 during amphibious assaults), defend at 2, and cost 4 PUs.

Note: In the original hasbro release the marines were valued at 5 PUs, but we have enhanced it closer
to those values listed in the Pacific release. It is much more balanced (for obvious reasons?).

Modified by Roger Cooper to make it closer to the Hasbro version