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Rules Standard WWIIv3 rules. The winner is declared by the player owning all "victory cities" by the end of the round Units Name Image Faction A D M C Notes (see Unit Details) marine/infantry

both 1 2 1 3 artillerySupportable banzai

I-A 2 1 1 3


both 1 1 3 4


both 2 2 1 4 supports infantry type-95

I-A 1 3 1 4


I-A 2 1 3 5 isAir, isStrategicBomber (see special rules) armor

M 3 3 2 5 canBlitz heavy-artillery

I-A 3 3 1 5


both 3 4 6 10 isAir bomber

M 4 1 8 15 isAir, isStrategicBomber (see special rules) aaGun

both 0 0 1 5 isAA bunker

I-A 0 5 0 - isTwoHit engineer

both 0 0 1 20 isFactory

Unit Details artillerySupportable - boosts marine/infantry attack to 2 when paired (one per artillery). supports artillery - attack boosted to 2 when paired with artillery (one per marine/infantry). isAir - follows all rules of air units such as not being able to capture territory. canBlitz - can move move through any territory (friendly or empty hostile) and then attack another. isStrategicBomber - can damage 1d6 (one die roll) engineers ability to place units. isTwoHit - can be taken as two casualties a.k.a. to hits to kill. isFactory - can place units based on the territory production (default is 1 in unvalued territories). Special Rules Engineers CAN be moved during the combat face. Strategic bombing can be conducted by bombing engineers with bombers and/or mortars. The V Amphibious Corps circular territory in SZ 1 connects to all 7 beaches adjacent to the 7 landing zones. The 7 landing zones containing the starting Marines units are impassible, units may only be moved out. Strategy and Tips Because this game is based on "victory cities", simply making a charge for the enemy capital will not work. Credits and Acknowledgements Designed and coded by U-boat

uboataaa at 

Special Thanks lalapalooza Veterans of war and peace worldwide

Version History

0.2 fixed bunker defense to 5 mortars can conduct SBRs (Strategic Bombing Raid) added missing engineer_hit images which crashed game game notes tweaks removed all ships removed "Repair BBs at end of round" game option (redundant) balanced unit placements infinite number of engineers can produce in a territory added and corrected placements so more units can fit into territories

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