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Axis and Allies - The Original Game Moves Magazine Limited Scenario Japan vs. America

- by Vaughn Heppner -


All the regular rules and setup apply, except for battleships.

Order of Play

  • Japan
  • United States

Special Neutrals

Germany and Russia are inviolate. Under no circumstances can you enter their spaces.

Britain is another story. All regular start up pieces begin in British territory. No British submarine can ever slip away. Japan or America can attack and conquer British areas after destroying the units in regular combat.

Special rule for battleships

Instead of costing 24 IPCs they cost 16 IPCs.

Victory Conditions

There are two ways to win the game:

Taking an enemy capital brings automatic victory

Having 46 economic points at the end of the American turn

Strategy Hints

The Japanese player should take out the Hawaiian fleet on the first turn. After that he will have to deceide how much to throw against Africa and how much to keep in the Pacific. Count out and see the provinces you need to win the 46 point economic victory. It's the only victory that Japan should try for. Basically, holding the Pacific and all of Africa and China will give you 46 points.

The American player will probably take out the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, that takes time and lots of units. Once it is your's, though, and if all you have lost is China and Sinkiang, you will have a 40 point economic base. The rest can be picked up in Africa.

All in all this is a tight game that can be played in about three hours.

This scenario first appeared in Moves magazine #62. Roger Cooper created general rules for such a "2 enemies, 2 off-limit and 1 neutral" game: Quick Axis and Allies.