Axis and Allies Pacific China - KMT & CCP

- by tw252 -

I. Two seperate Chinese players

There will be two China players, the KMT and the CCP. The KMT may now collect IPCs. Here are the number of IPCs for each territory:

  • Korea-3 (Japan)
  • Manchuria-5 (Japan)
  • Shantung-7 (Japan)
  • Formosa (Hereafter as Taiwan), Hainan-1 (Japan)
  • Anhwe, Hopei, Kiangsi, Kwangsi, Sikang, Yunnan, Tsinghai-1 (KMT)
  • Hunan, Szechwan-2 (KMT)
  • Suiyuan, Shansi, Kweichow-1 (CCP)

1 offboard with an IPC value of 1 representing Sinkiang (KMT)

The KMT receives an additional income of 2 IPC if the Burma Road is open. In addition, the IPC value of Japan is changed to 10. When Manchuria, Shantung, Taiwan, Hainan are captured by the western allies, they become under KMT control.

The three areas with red-underlined names start as CCP (mind that the IPC changes of the Chinese areas are not covered on this map!)

II. Initial Setup and Income

Initial Setup

  • Manchuria: 8 infantry, 4 artillery, 2 armour, 1 fighter (Japan)
  • Shantung: 4 infantry, 2 artillery, 1 armour, 1 IC, 1 AA (Japan)
  • Taiwan: 1 infantry, 2 fighters (Japan)
  • Hainan: 6 infantry (Japan)
  • Anhwe, Hopei, Hunan, Yunnan: 4 infantry (KMT)
  • Kiangsi, Kwangsi: 2 infantry (KMT)
  • Sikang, Sinkiang: 1 infantry (KMT)
  • Szechwan: 6 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 US fighter, 1 IC, 1 AA (KMT)
  • Suiyuan, Kweichow: 2 infantry (CCP)
  • Shansi: 4 infantry (CCP)
  • Kwangsi: 1 guerilla (CCP)

Starting Income

  • Japan: 32
  • KMT:12+2=14.

III. Production Rules

The KMT may build infantry at the cost of 2 IPCs each and artillery at the cost of 6 IPCs each and it may not build other units. The CCP may not collect IPCs until the PRC is proclaimed. Before the PRC is proclaimed, the CCP may build one infantry in each of the territory it occupies during the place units phase. And the CCP may build one additional infantry as long as it has at least one territory, representing Soviet support.When it is able to collect IPCs, it may build infantry at the cost of 1 IPC each and artillery at the cost of 6 IPCs each. CCP regular infantry may freely convert to guerilla or vice versa.

IV. Guerilla Unit

Here is how the guerilla works:

They move one space a turn.

When regular infantry is attacked, they may turn themselves into guerillas before combat begins or during combat. If they do so during combat, they may do it anytime. Guerillas cannot attack or defend like regular infantry. They can coexist with enemy units in the same territory.

A CCP guerilla may attempt either one of the following each turn during the combat phase: Industrial Sabotage-Guerillas may attempt industrial sabotage in enemy territories that have an IC. Roll a die for each guerilla attempting industrial sabotage. For each 1 rolled, the enemy must had over 1 IPC to the bank.

Transport Disruption-Guerillas may attempt transport disruption in enemy territories. Roll a die for each guerilla attempting transport disruption. For each 1 rolled, an enemy unit in that territory may not move during the CM phase the coming turn. Guerillas cannot claim control of any territories.

During the combat phase of the KMT or Japan, they may elect to suppress the guerillas. To do so, the units chosen to perform this task must be in the same territory with the guerillas that they are going to suppress at the start of the turn. They may not do further combat this turn. Roll a die for each unit chosen. On a roll of 1 a guerilla is eliminated. And the guerillas may return fire, on a roll of 1 a suppressing unit is eliminated. Combat is considered to be simultaneous. After the PRC is proclaimed, guerilla warfare may not continue.

V. Defending together

The KMT and the CCP may defend together if they agree to do so.

VI. Japanese Victory Conditions

The Japanese may win if they assumed mastery of China, or hold India, New South Wales or US for turn, or get 30 VPs.

VII. Controlling China

The KMT, CCP and Japan may proclaim mastery of China if they have 12 Chinese territories in control including Manchuria and Shantung. In addition, the KMT and the Japanese have to eliminate the CCP. The CCP may proclaim the PRC if they captured Shantung and hold it for one round, plus they have controlled 8 territories. The KMT's capital will be back to Shantung if they captured it and hold it for one round. For these two cases the IC in Shantung will become an IC with unlimited production. Under Japanese control it will have a limited production of 7.