A) Order of Bonus Options.

  • Players will select four bonus options each...but if both agree then they can choose up to eleven options each.
  • The lower ranked player gets to pick for either axis or allies and gets the first bonus option.
  • The higher ranked player gets to pick the next option for the opposing side.
  • Players alternate selections until finished with their agreed number of bonus options.
  • Players bid for side.
  • Order of action following the bid: Once the bid is finalized and one of the players is Axis and the other Allies, players have to:
  • 1. Declare where to place or retreat troops affected by options in the order they were chosen (for example, if the Axis chose bonus option 10 takeover Archangel and then the Axis chose bonus option 3 Argentina and Mongolia joins Axis, the Allied player would retreat the Archangel units before the Axis player places the Argentinian navy).
  • 2. Placement of unit(s) if the bid is positive, or allocation of funds to allies in the case of a negative bid.
  • 3. Start the game.

B) Bonus Options Bonus options(11 total) are as follows: (The same option may not be selected twice by the same player).

1) Infantry Placement - Place three infantry on any territory not adjacent to one containing enemy units. Infantry must be placed on its own territory, for example UK infantry cannot be placed in Novosibirsk. All three infantry must be placed on the same territory.

2) Artillery/Tank Placement - Place one artillery and one tank on any territories not adjacent to one containing enemy units. Same rules as infantry placement except the artillery and tank may be placed on different territories and be owned by different powers. For example you may place a Japanese tank and an Italian artillery.

3) Neutral Territories - Take over two neutral powers whose IPC values add up to no more than four ipc's, you take over their armies as well. (One country does not have to take control of both neutrals, for example Germany may take over Switzerland while Japan may take over Mongolia)...if a neutral has a naval unit place it in the nearest friendly sea zone.

  • Spain(3inf, 1 artillery), 3IPC's
  • Sweden(2 inf, 1 artillery, 1 destroyer), 3IPC's
  • Turkey(2 inf, 1 artillery, 1 destroyer, Dardanelles access), 3IPC's
  • Saudi Arabia(1 infantry), 3IPC's
  • Venezuela(1 inf, 1 destroyer), 2IPC's
  • Switzerland(1 inf, 1 fighter), 2IPC's
  • Argentina(2 infantry, 1 transport, 1 cruiser), 2IPC's
  • Mongolia(1 infantry, 1 armor), 2IPC's
  • Peru(1 infantry, 1 submarine), 1IPC
  • South Eire(2 infantry), 1IPC
  • Afghanistan(1 infantry), 1IPC
  • Angola(1 infantry), 1IPC
  • Mozambique(1 infantry), 1IPC

Note: IPC values are not just for neutral selection...they are worth IPC's in the game...add the neutral IPC total to your total IPC's if you control it.

4) Transport/Submarine Placement - You may receive two transports, two submarines, or a submarine and a transport; they must be placed adjacent to its own territory or in a sea zone containing other friendly naval units, but not in the same sea zone with enemy units. They may be placed in different sea zones. They may be owned by seperate powers...for example you may place a Russian transport and a UK submarine.

5) Destroyer/Cruiser Placement - You receive one destroyer and one cruiser using the same placement rules as Option 4.

6) Fighter Placement - Must be placed on its own territory, for example a UK fighter may not be placed in Brazil. A fighter may be placed on a friendly carrier.

7) Bomber Placement - Must be placed on its own territory, for example a UK bomber may not be placed in Brazil.

8) Factory/AA gun Placement - This factory may only produce as many units per round as the IPC value of the territory it is placed in. The AA gun must be placed in the same territory as the factory.

9) Carrier OR Battleship Placement - Must be placed adjacent to its own territory or in a sea zone containing other friendly naval units but not in the same sea zone with enemy units.

10) Takeover of enemy held territory - Place an infantry and an artillery on said territory and retreat any enemy forces to the nearest enemy territory.(The player who wins the retreating side decides where to retreat those units after the bidding process is complete if there is more than one eligible territory to retreat to.) A territory that contains a factory may not be taken using this option.

11) Special "What-if" Scenarios ....a scenario may not be chosen if the opposing side has affected a territory or sea zone involved in the scenario with a bonus option (Please note that as with any other bonus option, only one special scenario may be chosen by each player)


1)Operation Felix- Gibraltar captured by German forces...Place two German infantry on Gibraltar...UK naval forces in Seazone 12 are destroyed.

2)Germany launches Paratrooper Assault on Syria/Iraq- Add one German infantry to Syria/Iraq...UK forces destroyed. Italy retains control of Italian East Africa with one infantry and Axis forces retain control of French one German infantry on French Madagascar.

3)Germany gains advantage in air war over Britain- Germany contines to attack RAF installations instead of bombing civilian areas...Remove one UK fighter and UK bomber from United Kingdom.

4)Carrier force at Pearl Harbor- In Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor the US carrier force is in port...Move the US Carrier/fighter from Seazone 44 to Seazone 53. In addition only the carrier can defend...the fighter is caught on the carrier if Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Round 1 and may not defend. One hit will destroy the carrier/fighter. The fighter acts normally if it survives the attack. If this scenerio is chosen in the 1942 version simply remove the carrier and fighter from the Hawaii Seazone(SZ 53).

5)Japan attacks on Russia go well- This scenerio assumes that superior Japanese leadership won the border war...Japan takes Buryatia S.S.R. with one infantry and one artillery...Russian units destroyed.

6)Japan offensive against China goes well- Japan makes inroads into the Chinese interior...Add one Japanese infantry to Suiyuan and Ningxia...Chinese units destroyed.


1)No Russian Purge- Place two Russian infantry and an artillery in both Kazakh S.S.R. and Novosibirsk.

2)USSR crushes Finland in Winter War- Place one Russian infantry and one tank in Finland, German units destroyed.

3)German paratrooper assault on Crete fails...Remove one Italian cruiser from Seazone 14 and remove German artillery from Libya. Add an additional UK destroyer to Seazone 35(Bay of Bengal). If this scenerio is chosen in the 1942 version remove the German infantry from Libya.

4)Enigma decoded earlier- Britain does better in Battle of Atlantic than historically...Remove one German submarine from each Seazone 5 and 7 and add a UK transport to Seazone 2.

5)Early USA Mobilization- Place a submarine and a transport in Seazone 20, a tank and an artillery in Western USA, and one infantry in Brazil.

6)More US support to China...Add one infantry, one artillery, one aagun, and one fighter to Yunnan...these units are considered Chinese units and cannot leave China.

Bonus Option Clarifications:

-A territory or sea zone affected by a bonus option may not be affected in following selections by the opposing side. Example- If the player selecting the axis bonus options chooses to place a fighter on French-Indo China then it would be illegal for the other player to takeover French-Indo China.

-A territory or sea zone affected by a bonus option may be affected by other bonus options from that same side. Example- Both players agree to play with 4 bonus options...The player selecting the axis bonus options chooses to take over Egypt, he may place a factory(and aa gun) on Egypt for his second bonus, a bomber on Egypt for his third bonus and a submarine and transport in the Arabian Sea(Seazone 34) for his fourth bonus..

-Bonus selections once made may have an impact on all remaining bonus selections. Example- The player selecting the axis bonus options decides to take over Argentina and Mongolia as one of his bonus options, USA may not place three infantry on Brazil since it is now adjacent to a territory containing enemy units.

C) Bidding. =After picks are completed each player must decipher how the picks have affected the balance of the game. Players can bid once or go back and forth auction style as they prefer. -The lowest bidder then plays the Axis. German units may be placed only on German-owned territories and sea zones; Japanese units may be placed only on Japanese-owned territories and sea zones. Italian units may be placed only on Italian-owned territories and sea zones. A sea zone is owned by a country if it is adjacent to a territory which the country owns. In the case of a negative bid the allied player will receive additional IPC’s(the amount of the negative bid) to disperse to the allied IPC’s on hand in any desired distribution prior to the start of the game. Example- A bid of 11 would mean the axis would get to place 11 ipc's worth of units while a bid of -11 would mean that the allies would receive 11 ipc's to distribute to the allies starting IPC totals.

D) Rules Clarifications

(1) No Tech until round 4 and then... Only 2 tech tokens per side (Axis or Allied) per round may be purchased; until one side gets a tech, then additional tech tokens are allowed for both sides. One additional tech token is allowed for each technology gained.

Tech Example- Japan, Italy, and Germany combined may purchase 2 tech tokens per round in total; UK, USA, and USSR combined may also purchase 2 tech tokens per round combined. As techs are gained additional tech dice may be purchased. Example: Italy gains paratroopers then both sides may purchase up to 3 tech tokens per round combined on the following game turn (GER in 1941 version, and Russia in 1942 Version). On the next turn if the United Kingdom was to obtain Jet Power then both sides may purchase up to 4 tech tokens per round and so on...

(2) No unit chosen with a bonus option can be involved in an attack on a territory with an original factory on Round discourage gambit bonus options and bids.

(3) Straight Rules- No naval movement allowed through these areas unless one side owns both sides of the Straight at the beginning of their turn. These include the Straight of Gibraltar, Baltic Straight, and the Dardanelles Straight.

(4) Victory City move...Move the victory city in Ottawa to Capetown, South Africa. Players must agree before the game starts how many victory cities must be taken to win.

(5) Special China Rules for AA50 Kremlin Games

  • China makes a restricted first move in Kremlin AA50 games before any other power moves...this is only a non-combat movement phase and China may not conduct combat or place additional units for territory controlled at the end of the turn. The game proceeds as normal after this non-combat movement.
  • Bonus Options 1, 2, 6, and 7 may be chosen for China...such units may not leave Chinese controlled territory. Bonus Option 10 may be chosen by China but can only be used against axis-controlled territories that China is eligible to attack. The only neutral selectable by China in Bonus Option 3 is Mongolia.
  • In addition to all the territories that Chinese units are eligible to enter and attack in the regular version of the game...In AA50 Kremlin China may enter or attack Burma(reverts to UK control if taken by China), French Indo-China, and Mongolia(only if taken in a neutral takeover)
  • Chinese planes may attack axis ships adjacent to Chinese controlled territories.
  • If the Burma Road(India, Burma, Yunnan) is under allied control at the beginning of Chinas turn then China may upgrade one infantry unit to an artillery unit(in Yunnan only).
  • If the Burma Road(India, Burma, Yunnan) is under allied control at the end of Chinas turn then China may place an extra infantry unit.
  • There are no stacking limits on Chinese eligible territory may contain any number of Chinese units.
  • China receives infantry for its placement phase at the rate of one infantry for every two territories controlled at the end of its combat phase.