Rules for Kremlin Classic Edition AAC. For a somewhat modified computer version, see Kremlin-AAC.

  • 1. Standard Third Edition rules
  • 2. Restricted Russia...this option may be turned off if both players agree.
  • 3. 2-hit battleships
  • 4. Both IPC Victory on
  • 5. No Tech until round 5 then....

Only 2 tech rolls per side per round; until one side gets Heavy Bombers or Industrial Technology, then unlimited tech rolls are allowed for both sides. Tech Example- Japan and Germany combined may roll 2 tech dice per round; UK, USA, and USSR combined may roll 2 tech dice per round.

  • 6. A capital may not be attacked on round 1: To discourage gambit bonus options and bids. Click for FAQ
  • 7. 3 min timer (Negotiable)


1. Order of Bonus Options and Bid.

  • 1. Players will select at least two bonus options each...but if both players agree then they may select more.
  • 2. The lower ranked player decides whether or not he gets to pick first or not.
  • 3. The player who picks first gets to choose for either axis or allies.
  • 4. Players alternate selections until finished with their agreed number of bonus options.
  • 5. Bidding begins...low bid plays the axis powers.
  • 6. Similar to Omaha rules, players must declare where the bid units will be placed as long as the bid is positive. If the bid goes negative players do not have to state what units are being removed from the board.
  • 7. No units selected with a bonus option may be removed in a negative bid.
  • 8. Only armor and infantry units may be removed from the board in a negative bid. Bidding example

2. Bonus options(9 total) are as follows: The same option may not be selected twice by the same player...unless the players are choosing over nine picks whereupon the rule is in effect for the second set of nine picks and so on.

1. Infantry Placement - Place three infantry on any territory not adjacent to one containing enemy units. Infantry must be placed on its own territory, for example UK infantry cannot be placed in Novosibirsk..

2. Neutral Territories - Take over one major neutral power and one minor neutral power, you take over their armies as well. (One country does not have to take control of both neutrals, for example Germany may take over Sweden while Japan may take over Mongolia)... if a neutral has a submarine or a transport place it in the nearest friendly seazone.

Major neutrals -

  • Argentina(2inf, 1 transport)
  • Peru(2 inf, 1 submarine)*
  • Spain(3inf, 1 armor)
  • Sweden(2 inf, 1 submarine)
  • Switzerland(2inf, 1 fighter)
  • Venezuela(2 inf, 1 armor)
  • Turkey(2inf, 1 armor).

Minor neutrals - (A minor neutral army consists of one infantry unit)- Afghanistan, Eire, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Mozambique, and Rio de Oro.

3. Transport/Submarine Placement - You may receive two transports, two submarines, or a submarine and a transport; they must be placed adjacent to its own territory or in a seazone containing other friendly naval units but not in the same seazone with enemy units. They may be placed in different seazones. Exception- Germany may not place a transport in the Baltic Sea.Click for FAQ

4. Fighter Placement - Must be placed on its own territory, for example a UK fighter may not be placed in Sinkiang. A fighter may be placed on a friendly carrier.\

5. Bomber Placement - Must be placed on its own territory, for example a USA bomber may not be placed in Russia.

6. Factory/AA gun Placement - This factory may only produce as many units per round as the IPC value of the territory it is placed in. The AA gun must be placed in the same territory as the factory.Click for FAQ

7. Carrier or Battleship Placement - Must be placed adjacent to its own territory or in a seazone containing other friendly naval units but not in the same seazone with enemy units.Click for FAQ

8. Takeover of enemy held territory - Place two infantry on said territory and retreat any enemy forces to the nearest enemy territory.(The player who wins the retreating side decides where to retreat those units after the bidding process is complete if there is more than one eligible territory to retreat to.) A territory that contains a factory may not be taken using this option.Click for FAQ

9. Special "What-if" Scenerios ....a scenerio may not be chosen if the opposing side has affected a territory or seazone involved in the scenerio with a bonus option.

RUSSIAN SCENARIOS No Russian Purge...Add three infanty units to Russia and two infantry units to Novosibirsk.


USSR crushes Finland in Winter War...USSR takes Finland/Norway with one infantry. Remove two German infantry and tank from Finland/Norway. Remaining German forces are retreated to Sweden. Click for FAQ

GERMAN SCENARIOS South American Powers join the Axis...Place two german infantry in Brazil and Germany also gains control of Argentina's army(2 infanty, 1 transport) addition the BB Graf Spee still roams the South Atlantic(place battleship in Drake Passage)Click for FAQ


Italian navy does better than historically...UK naval units in Mediterranean Sea destroyed, add a submarine to the German Mediterranean fleet.


Germany launches a parachute assault on Syria/Iraq...Germany takes Syria/Iraq with one infantry(UK unit destroyed). Germany retains control of French Madagascar and Italian East Africa...add one infantry to each territory. UK submarine in the East Mediterranean is retreated to the Arabian Sea.

UNITED KINGDOM SCENARIOS Japanese expansion into the SE Pacific doesn't go well...UK holds East Indes with 2 infantry and also controls New Guinea, Borneo-Celebes, and the Solomon Islands...all Japanese infanty on these islands destroyed...In addition the Battleship Revenge still roams the SE Pacific(Place battleship in the Java Sea).Click for FAQ


UK fortifies South Africa...UK places additional units in South three infantry, an armor, factory, and aa gun in South Africa.


UK fortifies Australia...UK places additional units in two infantry, factory, and aagun in Australia. Place a transport in the Southern Ocean. Place one infantry in New Zealand.

JAPAN SCENARIOS Pearl Harbor goes better than expected...add a submarine to the Soloman addition Japan managed to destroy the US carrier group in the Pearl Harbor attack(eliminate carrier and fighter from the Hawaii Seazone). Japan controls Hawaii as well(US infantry unit stationed in Hawaii destroyed).Click for FAQ


Japanese expansion into the SW Pacific goes better than expected...Japan takes Australia with two infantry(UK units destroyed) addition Japan wins the Battle of the Coral Sea (add a carrier and fighter off the East coast of Australia.)


China joins Japan!!! All US infantry in China and Sinkiang are destroyed...Japan adds one infantry to each of these territories. US fighter stationed in China is retreated to Karelia.


Japan continues attacks into the Indian Ocean...Japan takes French Madagascar with one infantry. Place a transport and a submarine in the West Indian Ocean. UK transport in the Bay of Bengal is destroyed. Remove one infantry from India.

USA SCENARIOS USA takes the initiative in the Pacific...USA takes Wake Island with two infantry, USA holds the Philippines with two infantry...all Japanese units formerly on these islands are destroyed except the Japanese fighter on the Philippines which is retreated to Japan....Add two submarines to the Hawaii Seazone and a transport off Wake Island.Click for FAQ


Early West African landings...USA places two infantry in Algeria and two infantry in French West Africa...German forces in Algeria are retreated to Libya. USA also gets two extra transports and a submarine off the coast of French West Africa.Click for FAQ


USA mobilizes for war earlier than historically...Place two infantry in Eastern USA, two infantry and a tank in Western USA, an infantry in Brazil, a submarine to the Bering Sea, and a transport to the Gulf of Mexico. 3. After both players have picked their bonus options, and the bid is complete, the host shall launch the game and edit in the bonus options chosen and the bid placement. Remember when starting a new game to hit NEW GAME when lauching...don't save the game on the unit edit screen and try to load it.


  • A territory or sea zone affected by a bonus option may not be affected in following selections by the opposing side.

Example- If the player selecting the axis bonus options chooses to place a fighter on French-Indo China then it would be illegal for the other player to takeover French-Indo China.

  • A territory or sea zone affected by a bonus option may be affected by other bonus options from that same side.

Example- Both players agree to play with 4 bonus options...The player selecting the axis bonus options chooses to take over Egypt, he may place a factory(and aa gun) on Egypt for his second bonus, a bomber on Egypt for his third bonus and a submarine and transport in the Arabian Sea for his fourth bonus..

  • Bonus selections once made may have an impact on all remaining bonus selections.

Example- The player selecting the axis bonus options decides to take over Argentina and Mongolia as one of his bonus options, USA may not place three infantry on Brazil since it is now adjacent to a territory containing enemy units.