Axis & Allies is unusual for a wargame in that combat lasts an indefinite number of rounds. Realistically, attacks often ran out of time or supplies. Some possible rules are:

  • 1 round only
  • Up to 3 rounds
  • Combat ends if no one hits during a round

If the battle ends with both sides intact, there are number of reasonable ways to handle things.

  • The attacker must retreat
  • The side that has lost the most units must retreat. Defender wins ties.
  • The side that has the fewest units left must retreat. Defender wins ties.
  • Both sides remain. Units in contested areas can't move into enemy-occupied/controlled areas

Different rules could be used for land or sea battles. For realism, land combat could be limited to 3 rounds, with the units remaining in the area, while sea battles could be 1 round, with side suffering the most losses retreating.

AA14  limits ground combat to 1 round.