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Axis & Allies - Europe (1941): Modified Unit Defense

Modified Unit Defense (MUD) is an Axis & Allies: Europe scenario created by Don Rae.


MUD Rules for the original game of Axis and Allies.

This particular set of rules also works very well in A&A Europe....they seem to give the Allies some needed extra punch in the early stages in the game, while allowing the Germans to do their thing in a calculated manner as well!

Applying the MUD rules to A&A Europe

Additions to MUD Rule #1 While using the alternative rules as posted here (in addition to Avalon Hill's recent modifications to the A&A Europe rules set) should add the following two items to the unit "hit removal" list for the MUD rule set:

  • artillery = needs 1 hit for removal
  • destroyer = needs 2 hits for removal

Additionally, you must modify the following sea unit rules with the following (although specific to A&A Europe, they could also probably be added to the A&A rule set as well where the applicable references apply...).

MUD Rule #6 Destroyer rules are exactly the same (barring the to-hit modifications as explained here), except that they no longer cancel the submarine first strike ability, under any circumstances.

MUD Rule #7 All submarines have an additional "surprise attack" capability that occurs during the FIRST combat round only (thus potentially canceling any natural defenses that these units would normally have otherwise). This is conducted in the following manner:

  • The ATTACKING player chooses which unit(s) were hit by any SUCCESSFUL attacking submarine roll(s).
  • Then, for each submarine that scored a hit (that somehow didn't immediately sink the opposing unit in question), the attacker ROLLS THE DICE AGAIN INDIVIDUALLY FOR EACH OPPOSING SEA UNIT THAT WAS ASSESSED HIT DAMAGE - and on each roll of 2 or less, that unit is immediately sunk/removed from play! (Carriers that are sunk in this "surprised" manner may land any of their surviving fighters on any immediately adjacent friendly territory at the END of all combat rounds, otherwise....these fighters are lost!)
  • For all combat rounds following after the first combat round, all submarine combat damage is allocated as per the normal game rules (defender chooses where the hits are allocated, etc).

The additions to Rule #1, and Rule #6 and Rule #7 are "mandatory in A&A Europe".

If considering MUD as a "uniform rule set", then Rule #7 would probably need to be "mandatory in the original A&A game". (That UK sub has a small chance to sink the German battleship, if it somehow survives the initial onslaught!) So thus..."bracketing wolfpacks" can be very dangerous, indeed.

  • This set of rules originally appeared in Don Rae's A&A Forum April 23 2001: "Modified Unit Defense Rule" (this is the original MUD thread).