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     Market Garden

Map Name: Arnhem Number Of Players: 3 Location: jar:file:/C:/Users/Roger/triplea/maps/!/games/Arnhem.xml Version: 0.7.7

Market Garden
Created by Dagon81

Converted up to TripleA 1.2.x.x by Veqryn.

Reworked by SuperNova


Operation Market Garden: The infamous attempt by the Allies to capture a stretch of roadway that crossed the Rhine River, thus giving the Allies a speedy way into Nazi Germany. The operation's ultimate goal was to end the war in Europe by Christmas of 1944. However, it didn't quite work that way. The Allies under-estimated the German defenders. The XXX Corps was bogged down by unexpected resistance along what was known as Highway 69 (nicknamed Hell's Highway). British Paratroopers ignored reports of the 2nd SS Panzer division being stationed around Arnhem. The 82nd Airborne encountered severe German resistance in Nijmegen. The 101st Airborne were attacked by German Troops retreating from the XXX Corps advance. The Germans recovered a map containing the entire Market Garden plan from a dead American 82nd Airborne Officer.

- Victory Conditions -

The 4 XXX Corps Trucks must survive and reach Apeldoorn.

The ENTIRE road leading from Eindhoven (through Nijmegen) into Arnhem must be under Allied Control, along with the 3 cities. Allies lose if the Germans control any part of the Victory Road at the games end. The Relief Tiles have been modified so that the Road looks transparent. This allows you to easily see who controls each streatch of the Road. If a Road segment is red, the the Germans control it. If it is Gold, then the Allies Control it.

This must all be accomplished by the end of round 9.

Germans win if they destroy any of the trucks, OR prevent them from reaching Apeldoorn by Round 9, OR Control any part of the Victory Road by the end of Round 9.

- Unit Statistics -

attack/defense/movement - unit

1/2/2 - infantry (can recieve support)
2/2/2 - airborne
2/3/2 - airborneAT
2/2/2 - artillery (supports infantry)
2/2/4 - mechanized (blitz)
3/3/4 - tank (blitz)
0/0/4 - truck
4/0/20 - airstrike

The 'airborneAT' unit, is available only to the British (representing a soldier with a PIAT). There are 2 and only 2 in the game, starting in the British Airborne Reinforcement Spot. They are essentially identical to the regular Airborne Units, except they have a defence of 3, allowing them to make a surprising impact on the game.

There are 4 trucks in the game, all British. The trucks are required to win the game, so keep them safe. They cannot blitz. They can be attacked by German Airstrikes, so don't leave them alone if the Germans still have Airstrikes left. If they stay on the XXX HQ, then the Germans cannot attack them. But they will have to move eventually.

The Airstrike is another special unit. It is not a fighter. It may look like a fighter, but it isn't. :) The Airstrike is essentially a Suicidal Munitions unit. It makes one attack, and then it is destroyed. It cannot return to base even if the TripleA Engine thinks it survives combat. It can attack with land units (in fact, it is reccomended that you do this), but it CANNOT be chosen as a casualty. The land units die first.

- Special Rules -

Combat lasts Only One Round. So if you attack something and don't destroy all the enemies, then you MUST retreat (Make sure that you check the map so that when you retreat, you don't put more than 8 units in the territory that you are retreating to)! The exception to this rule is when the Allies are landing their Airborne Reinforcements. Since they are entering the battle by Parachute, they obviously can't retreat. This means that combat must continue until one side controls the Drop Zone. This gives the Allies a tactical advantage, and might encourage the Germans to think twice before attacking the Drop Zones.

1st, 82nd, and 101st reinforcements arrive during combat movement on Round 2. They can land only on the designated landing areas (82nd can land in any territory with the 82nd Airborne insignia with a Parachute insignia, etc.). Moving from the Reinforcement area to a landing site counts as their full turn, thus they cannot move until 1 round after they land. If there are German units at one of their landing sites, they may still land. Combat will follow, of course.

NO MORE THAN 8 UNITS FROM EACH COUNTRY ALLOWED PER TERRITORY! There CAN be 8 UK and US units in one territory. Note that the XXX starting point is the exception.

- Tips -

Germans - Conserve your units! You don't get any reinforcements, so attack wisely. Try to take the bridges and stall the XXX Corps as long as possible. Remember that you can move 1 unit into the line of the XXX Tanks and it will prevent them from blitzing. You have a large number of troops on the bottom right of the board, and your first instinct will be to move them into combat. However, you can make things tough for the Allies by waiting a round or two before moving them. Instead of the British blitzing all the way to Arnhem, they will be forced to leave some units behind in case you attack the Road

British - Protect your Trucks. You need them to win! Try to keep your trucks together and behind the front. It is best to move the trucks during your non-combat move. As for the 1st, capture the 2 bridges. You can split the Germans in half by capturing Arnhem on your first turn, thus having 2 smaller groups to deal with instead of 1 big group. Beware German reinforcements coming from the leftt. As for the XXX, keep a close eye on the German units on your right flank.

'Muricans - Try and clear a path for the XXX Tanks and Trucks to blitz past. You can use your Jeeps to 'scout', by blitzing through multiple territories, allowing the Infantry to advance more quickly. Watch both Flanks of the road. Don't Die!

Oh, and one more thing. I highly reccomend that you use Low Luck. It will make the game move a little faster. Smaller battles will probably be resolved in one round, but lager battles won't.