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Mechanized Infantry made its debut in Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 and is also included in Europe version. It acts as a low-cost alternative to tanks.


Unit Stats

  • Attack 1
  • Defense 2
  • Move 2
  • Cost 4
Mech infantry.png
M3 halftrack
British mech infantry.png
Bren Carrier
Russian mech infantry.png
German mech infantry.png
Japanese mech infantry.png
Mech infantry anzac 2.png

* Generic prewar armoured car


  • Use the 2 movement points to respond to threats more quickly than standard infantry. Pair the Mechanized Infantry with an Armour and a towed artillery, and you have a mobile army, perfect for doing some blitzkrieg!
  • Use the Mechanized Infantry to quickly move to poorly defended areas if you see enemy units gathering for an attack.
  • Mechanized Infantry, costing only 1 PU more than regular Infantry, can make handy cannon fodder to defend your Armor units while you are on the offensive.
  • Two weaknesses of the Mechanized Infantry are: it costs as much carrying space on a Transport as the Armor does, therefore not being useful in island/sea campaigns. Second weakness is that the Mechanized Infantry takes all it's other stats from normal Infantry and is not very effective without artillery support.


Mech. Infantry, along with Tactical Bomber, is one of the newest units to be officially added to Axis and Allies. It first appeared in the AA40 games in 2010. The two new units were added to better represent combined arms warfare.


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