This scenario does not depict any historical situation.

Download Turn Order:

  • 1. Insurrection Table
  • 2. USSR Event Table
  • 3. Technology Research
  • 4. Purchase Units
  • 5. Combat Movement
  • 6. Combat
  • 7. Non Combat Movement
  • 8. Launch Rockets
  • 9. Place New Units


  • Insurrection, USSR Event and Technolgy Research tables can be rolled at if you trust your opponent or in a second hosted room if you don't. Simply, host a minimap and edit in a couple 100 inf v 100 inf battles in low luck. Use the 1d6 rolls for tables.
  • Technology Research Table: Costs 5 procuction points. Roll 1d6. If a 6 is rolled then roll 1d6 to determine what tech is achieved.
  • Suez Canal and the Bosporus Strait are canals, Suez Canal and Istanbul must be controled to pass through.
  • If a neutral army is attacked but not defeated the neutral forces are restored to full strength.
  • Each nation begins the game with rocket technology and long range aircraft.
  • Aircraft may not claim empty neutrals.
  • There is no retreat from amphibious assaults, even for aircraft.
  • Insurrection Table: This table reflects the turmoil of rebellions and civil war. Each player rolls one die at the beginning of his turn and consults the table. Note that if a 1 is rolled, the player does not have to roll on the Insurrection Table again for the rest of the game.
  • USSR Special Naval Rule: The USSR is a unique nation. It has units all across the board, and may bring extra ships onto three sides of the map. Soviet naval power takes the form of three fleets which may be deployed by the USSR player. In each of his turns, the USSR player may choose to bring in one of the three fleets or he may prefer to hold one or more fleets in reserve instead of bringing out all three fleets on the first three rounds. The fleets may be deployed in any order. Only one fleet may be deployed per round. Fleets may deploy any time during USSR turn. These three fleets may be deployed in Mediterranean sz 1 ,Mediterranean sz 2, South Arabian Sea or Indian ocean. Fleets may not be deployed in the Black Sea or the Caspian Sea (but new ships may be built there). The three choices of fleets to deploy are A- 2 Infantry, 1 Transport and a Battleship; B- 2 Infantry and 1 Transport;or C- 2 Submarines. (** since editing land units on water is troublesome, improvisation might be needed)
  • USSR Special Naval Rule (cont): A fleet may move or attack the turn it is deployed. It takes one movement to deploy on the edge of the board.
  • USSR Special Events Rule: This chart describes the troubles afflicting the disintegrating Soviet empire. The purpose of the table is to counter-act the USSR's military arsenal and provide game balance. The USSR player does not roll on the table on the first turn. On the second and all remaining turns, the USSR player must roll 2d6 at the beginning of his turn.

land units:

unit name att def move cost transport cost
infantry 1 2 1 3 1
armour 3 2 2 5 2

naval units:

unit name att def move cost transport capacity carrier capacity
transport 0 1 2 8 2 -
submarine 2 2 2 8 - -
battleship 4 4 2 24 - -
carrier 1 3 2 18 - 2

air units:

unit name att def move cost carrier cost
fighter 3 4 6 12 1
bomber 4 1 8 15 -

This scenario is based upon the game Middle East Combat.

Middle East