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Middle East Combat thrasher's House Rules

The Rules

Two hit battleships: click here for the exact rules.

Land-based fighters may help defending fleet an adjacent fleet that is under attack. After the first round of combat the DEFENDER may add land-based fighters that are present in a adjacent land area. This helps the defender but only in the second round. So the attacker can use a hit and run tactics.

Soviet Union and Iraq may both build one infantry per turn in an area without an IC. The USSR may place this infantry in Yemen or Ethiopia. Iraq may place this unit in Libya or Sudan. Paratroopers: a bomber can carry one infantry unit. The bomber and the infantry unit must start the turn in the same area. The paratroooper attacks at 2.

Sovjet Naval Forces: The Sovjet player may build new ""fleets"". Build naval units and infantry/armor offboard. Two offboard 'boxes': one representing Europe, one representing FarEast. It takes two turns to reach the map. So you build a unit in the box, you move it to the appropiate map edge the next turn. The turn after this the fleet enters the map. Fleet in European box must enter the map on the NorthWest edge. Fleets in the FarEast box must enter the map on the two other edges.

Example: Turn 3: USSR builds naval units in European box. Turn 4: Units are placed on the edge of the map (may not enter this turn!!) Turn 5: Units may enter map as normal Soviet fleet.

When a 1 is rolled for the event table this does NOT lead to not rolling again for the rest of the game. Ignore this rule.

One of the events forces you to remove one unit in the highest valued neutral area you control. If you do not control any neutral areas remove one unit from your area with the lowest IPC-value.

Israel is a non-playing area. This area may not be entered.

ad 3: This rule has two purposes: make the RedPact a little bit stronger. And: make it easier to get units in remote/IC-less areas. I like this rule.

Try this rule and build a Russian factory in Djibouti. Get some naval units there. Then you can really start up something there.

Please let me know what you think: