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Military symbols provide an alternative to the profile icons used in TripleA, 

Contemporary NATO symbols can be found in File:App-6aHandbook.pdf.

For late cold war, see APP-6.

The symbols used during the Korean War can be found here [1].

The navy does things differently in MIL-STD-2525. Pages 7-9 are most useful.

Abbreviations for naval vessels can be found in the wikipedia article [2]. The latest naval symbology can be read in File:FILE N 1000508.pdf.

If you are using military symbols I would suggest putting the nation's flag immediately below the unit symbol at the same size.

These colorful symbols are from Fort Sill's webpage. Military Symbols.GIF

These symbols are contemporary symbols from Good treatment of air & naval forces.

14a.gif 14b.gif

A somewhat different art style: MapSym.gif Symbols.gif

From The Armchair General Unitsymbols.jpg

From Decision Games


Some individual symbols

Aaa.gif Anti-aircraft Artillery

Armcom.gif Armor

Airfor.gif Air

Airarty.gif Airborne Artillery

Airinf.gif Airborne Infantry

Arty.gif Artillery

Cavh.gif Cavalry

Chem.gif Chemical Warfare

Carty.gif Chemical Artillery

Eng.gif Engineers

Inf.gif Infantry

Med.gif Medical

Ord.gif Ordnance Supply

Quarter.gif Quartermaster

Sig.gif Signals

Td.gif Tank Destroyer

Trans.gif Transport

Vet.gif Veterinary

There is a good page at Wikimedia