Introduction (by thrasher)

This page lists rules for the original game of Axis and Allies. The rules have nothing to do with each other and thus are not to be used in combination with each other. All notes below are from me.

Industrial Technology for Germany

Under this rule Germany starts the game with Industrial Technology. But the 1 IPC cost reduction does NOT apply to infantry. Infantry units still cost 3 IPCs to produce. If Germany develops Industrial Technology during the game substract 1 IPC when buying an infantry. The costs of all other units are reduced by an other 1 IPCs. For example: an sub then costs only 6 IPCs for Germany.

NOTE: This rule was posted in

Free fighter for Germany

Germany gets a free fighter every turn. This fighter is placed on the map during the Place Units phase (like all other units that were bought that turn).

NOTE: Don't know anything more about this house rule. I expect the fighter to be added to the units Germany purchases during phase 1 (so the 'free fighter' cannot be used immediatelly). Don't know if the optional rules - like Russia Restricted - are in effect or not. It seems to me that this rule will make Germany way to strong!

Four Factories for Four Countries (by Andre W.)

All countries - execpt Russia - may only build one new Industrial Complex.

NOTE: This rule forces the players to really think where to place this one - and only one - available factory. In my opinion this rule can harm Japan as Japan sometimes builds two factories.

Increasing Unit Costs (by Reid Gagle -

One idea from the New Crusades that could be used in A&A is that of increasing unit costs. I find it boring when Russia builds all men most turns, Germany all tanks, and the US all aircraft, even though it's often the best strategy. Increasing unit costs means each additional item of one type produced per factory costs one extra. If you have two factories, and want to build 8 men, they cost 6 for the first two, 8 for the second two, 10 for the third two, and 12 for the seventh and eighth men, for a total of 36 rather than 16. If that's too strict, you could have it kick in after 2/factory -- 8 men then costing 12 for the first four and 16 for the second four. This provides incentives to get a mix of forces that would make games more interesting. With these rules in effect, the less expensive items would no longer be available in quantity, and the normally more expensive items would actually become a better value! This is a far-reaching rule that merits at least one attempt!

NOTE: This rule first appeared in Peter Goudswaards A&FAQ (v1.2).

Relocating Factories (by Tref)

During your turn you may remove a factory from the board and place it next to the board. In your next turn you may place this factory in an area you start with. This factory is limited now. NOTES:

This rule was posted in the Axis and Allies Journal Forum March 1 2001. A lot of things are unclear... Is the number of factories you relocate during a turn limited? In what phase do you pick up the factory? I would say before the building phase as you probably are not allowed to build in a factory that is relocated. When do you place the factory back on the board? I would say during the place units phase. May you postpone the moment you place the factory back? Does "in an area you start with" mean an area you start the game with or an area you start the turn with you pick up the factory or an area you start the turn with when you place the factory back?

Destroying and Rebuilding Canals (by Tref)

If you control a canal you can choose to destroy it. Rebuilding costs 2 IPCs for the Suez Canal and 4 IPCs for the Panama Canal. If you only control one side of the Suez Canal you have to roll a die to see if you are able to destroy the Canal. If you roll 1-2-3 you can destroy the Canal; if you roll 4-5-6 you can't.


This rule was posted in the Axis and Allies Journal Forum. A lot of things are unclear... In what phase is the canal destroyed? I would say at the very end of your turn. As fas as I know this is when factories are removed when playing with the Scorched Earth optional rule for the CD-ROM. When is the canal rebuild? I would say you have to pay for the reconstruction or repair during the purchase units phase. The canal is actually repaired during the place new units phase. This way you cannot use the canal in the very turn it is being repaired.