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Historical 1942 Scenario

Axis and Allies - The Original Game More Historical 1942 Scenario

- by fabrizio freri -


In this scenario the initial setup was changed slightly. Also, the IPC-values of certain areas were changed.

Initial Setup

USSR: sub and transport in Barents Sea removed from play; Russian IC in Karelia removed from play

Germany: Southern Europe: 1 destroyer

UK: India, Gibraltar and North Sea: 1 destroyer

Japan: Phillipines and Carolines: 1 destroyer

USA: Western US, Eastern US and Hawaii: 1 destroyer

Changed IPC-values

  • Karelia: 5 IPCs (was: 3)
  • Caucasus: 5 IPCs (was: 3)
  • Soviet Far East and Yakut: neutral (thus worth 0 IPCs)

Net result: the IPC-level of the USSR did not change.