Axis & Allies Wiki

This game property activates the limiting of a player's units to specific territories.

Property Interactions:

  • movementRestrictionType - This player level RulesAttachment option sets the type of restriction
    • <option name="movementRestrictionType" value="allowed"/> - player is only allowed to move in the listed territories
    • <option name="movementRestrictionType" value="disallowed"/> - player is disallowed from moving in the listed territories
  • movementRestrictionTerritories - This player level RulesAttachment option sets the territories for the restriction
    • <option name="movementRestrictionTerritories" value="Chinghai:Ningxia/>

XML format is:

<property name="Movement By Territory Restricted" value="true" editable="false">

default value is false