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Domination 1914 No Man's Land

Version 1.1.1 Upgraded? Check the version history for changes!

Fall 1914. With the death of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, Europe is plunged into war. Titantic armies never seen before muster for battle. Colonial forces of the great powers skirmish around the world. Soldiers of all sides are told they will be home for Christmas No one suspects they will battle for years over a few miles of no mans land.

Modded by Imbaked Game Design by TripleK and Surtur Engine Support by Veqryn Relief Tiles by Siege

========================================================== Features


The ruleset of the "AA-50 rules" (ww2v3) of a well known board game is used as a basis. Deviations, extensions and exceptions from these are all listed in these Game Notes.

Submarine Rules - Submarines may retreat before the battle unless a destroyer is present. Air cannot hit subs unless destroyer is present. Subs do not block.

Transport Rules - Transports do not participate in battles and die if attacked and undefended. Cannot be taken as casualties. Transports do not block.

Bombard Rules - Bombard is restrictd by the number of units landing. Bombard casualties DO return fire

Trench Rules - 3 trenches per territory per turn can be placed. There is no limit to how many you can buy. There is no overall limit of trenches in a territory.

Gas Rules - Suicides after one round of attack, does not fire and cannot be taken as casualties on defense.

Trenches cannot be taken as casualties from hits caused by Gas.

Casualties from Gas do not return fire.

The game starts off with the Central Powers (Germany, Austria, and the Ottomans) at war with the Allies (France, Russia, Britain, and Japan). By default, Italy enters the war on turn 2, and the USA enters on turn 6. Starting turn 7, Germany also has a political option of supporting the Bolsheviks, in which case the Bolsheviks enter the game.

If at least one of (Estonia, Pskov) is still in Allied hands on turn 7+, Germany can press a button in the politics panel, and the Allied-held territory will switch to Bolshevik control and 20 Bolshevik infantry will spawn. The Bolsheviks are their own alliance, at war with the Allies but neutral with the Central Powers. So Germany, et al. cannot enter Bolshevik territory and vice versa.

Italy doesn't have any diplomacy before it enters the war, and neither side can declare war on it. The Allies were trying to court them, and the rest of the Central Powers believed Italy was an ally. On turn 2 Italy will automatically enter the war as one of the Allied powers.

The US, left to its own devices, will automatically enter the war as an Allied power on turn 6. While the US is at peace, there is a naval movement restriction in place, preventing units from entering European waters. However, any one of the Central Powers can declare war on the US at any time, which would bring the US in earlier. Also, certain circumstances will give the US casus belli to declare war on the Central Powers: 1. The Central Powers declare war on the True Neutral countries 2. The Central Powers declare war on China 3. The Central Powers declare war on Brazil, et al. 4. The Central Powers invade Mexico (which is a Central Powers leaning neutral)

The Central Powers leaning neutral powers are: 1. Bulgaria 2. Jabal Shammar (in Arabia): Friendly with the Ottomans 3. Mexico: Representing the possibility that Victoriano Huerta was not apprehended before crossing the Rio Grande, or Venustiano Carranza didn't turn down the Kaiser's Zimmerman telegram offer of alliance

The Allied leaning neutral powers are: 1. Portugal: Had a treaty with Britain, eventually joining the Allies 2. Denmark (including Iceland) 3. Siam 4. Romania: I expanded Romania to include Bessarabia so it could be split into two territories like in the latest Great War map. A hack, I know.

If True Neutral powers get declared on by an alliance, they become Friendly_Neutral with the opposing alliance: 1. Spain 2. Netherlands 3. Switzerland 4. Guatemala 5. Nicaragua 6. Costa Rica 7. Honduras 8. Haiti

China can be declared on by either side, and becomes friendly neutral to the opposing team. Also, if anyone declares war on the True Neutral powers, this will also flip China. Declaring war on China alone has no implications, other than giving the US casus belli if you are one of the Central Powers.

-- How Friendly Neutrals work:
They may not be attacked. (IE: can not move into during combat move phase) (DONE)
They can not be flown over. (Done)
They can not be blitzed through. (Done)
During non-combat move, you may move land units into them to capture them and all their units. (Done)

Persia can be declared on by either side, and has no effect on anybody else.

I put the rest as "Brazilians" even though they include 4 powers: 1. Brazil: Eventually joined the Allies, citing German submarine warfare 2. Liberia: Eventually joined the Allies, after being attacked by German submarines 3. Cuba: Heavily influenced by the US, as the US helped secure their independence from Spain during the Spanish-American War 4. Panama: Heavily influenced by the US, as the US helped secure their independence from Colombia Their diplomacy is more complicated. One of the following things will happen: 1. The Central Powers declare war on the True Neutrals -> flips and becomes Allied Neutral 2. The Central Powers declare war on the US -> flips and becomes Allied Neutral 3. The Allies declare war on the True Neutrals -> will remain neutral for the rest of the game 4. The Central Powers declare war on Brazil & co. directly -> flips and becomes Allied Neutral 5. None of the above -> on turn 6 flips and becomes Allied Neutral

In addition, Albania and Greece are attackable neutrals with no politics, so anyone can attack them if they have the troops

-Victory Conditions:
Central Powers: 1. Allies no longer control three of their capitals (so Bolsheviks owning St. Petersburg still helps the Central Powers) 2. Central Powers control at least one of their original capitals
Allies: 1. Control Berlin, Vienna and Constantinople 2. Allies must control at least one of their original capitals

-National Objectives
Germany 1: Zimmerman Telegram - Any Central Power controls any Mexican territory (+5PU)
Germany 2: African Colonies - Germany retains control of its original African colonies (+6PU)
Germany 3: Pacific Empire - Germany gets +3PU for any/each of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney-Canberra, and New Zealand

France 1: Alsace-Lorraine - Allies control Alsace (+5PU)
France 2: Control the Mediterranean - No Central Powers naval vessels in Med (+5PU)
France 3: Control Central Africa - Allies control Togo, Kamerun, Gabon, Middle Congo, Chad (+5PU)

Bolshevik 1: Proletariat Uprising - Bolsheviks own 1+ territories (+5PU)

Russia 1: Southern Slavs - Allies control Trieste,Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Belgrade (+5PU)
Russia 2: COSSACKS!!! - Russia controls Crimea, Dnieper, Don, Caucasus (+4 cavalry)
Russia 3: White Russians - If Bolsheviks are in play, Russia gets free infantry in every Allied controlled of Warsaw, Minsk, Kiev, Volgograd, Nizhni-Novgorod, Omsk, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Vladivostok

Austria 1: Avenge the Archduke! - Control Serbia, Belgrade (+5PU)
Austria 2: Italian Betrayal - Austria gets +3PU for any/each of Venice, Milan, Piedmont, Tuscany, Latium, Rome, Apulia, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia controlled by the Central Powers
Austria 3: Balkan Ambitions - Austria gets +2PU for any/each of Montenegro, Belgrade, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece directly controlled by Austria

Ottoman 1: Restore the Khedive - Central Powers control Cairo-Suez (+5PU)
Ottoman 2: Recapture Tripolitania - Ottomans control Tripoli, Tripolitania, Fezzan, Cyrenaica, Tobruk (+5PU)
Ottoman 3: Jihad - Central Powers control all of Hejaz, Mecca, Arabia, Yemen, Aden, Oman, Trucial Coast, Qatar, Al-Dammam, Kuwait, Bahrain (+10PU)

Britain 1: Liberate Belgium - Allies control Belgium (+5PU)
Britain 2: Influence Persia - Britain controls at least one Persian territory (+5PU)
Britain 3: Commonwealth - Britain retains control of Ottawa-Montreal, Cape Town, Calcutta, Sydney-Canberra (+5PU)

Japan 1: Twenty-One Demands - Japan controls Tsingtao (+5PU)

Italy 1: Restore Venezia - Italy owns Trieste (+5PU)

USA 1: Can the Kaiser - US owns one German province (+5PU)
The below tables need updating but mostly apply...

Centrals Entente
Germans French
Austrians Serbia
Ottomans Italians
Bolsheviks Persians

========================================================== Units


Size=transport cost

Land Units
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities
Infantry 1 2 1 3 2 Supportable
Cavalry 1 1 2 4 3 Supportable, can blitz
Field_Artillery 2 2 1 4 3 Supports
Heavy_Gun 2 4 1 5 4 Supports
Bedouin 1 2 2 2 3 Arabia Only
Gas 4 0 3 4 3 First Strike, Suicide
Trench 0 0 - 3 N/A 2 hit
AAGun 0 1 1 6 3 1d6 vs each attacking plane
factory_minor 0 0 0 12 N/A Can be placed on territories with pu 2 or more and produce 3 units per turn, can be strategically bombed
factory_upgrade 0 0 0 20 N/A Upgrades a minor factory. Can be placed only on original territories with pu 3 or more and allows production of 10 units per turn, can be strategically bombed
factory_major 0 0 0 30 N/A Can be placed only on original territories with pu 3 or more and produce 10 units per turn, can be strategically bombed
harbour 0 0 0 15 N/A Repairs battleships, gives 1 movement, can be strategically bombed
airfield 0 0 0 15 N/A Allows scramble, gives movement to air, can be strategically bombed
Conscript 0 1 1 2 2 Russia and Communists Only supportable
Colonial 2 2 1 3 2 Ottawa, Nova Scotia, Sydney, Tunis, Algiers and Tobruk only, supportable
Stormtruppen 2 2 1 3 2 Berlin only, supportable
Tank 4 1 2 5 3 Supports, Blitz, attainable through tech
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities

{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="FEECE2" colspan="6"|Air Units |- !Unit name !att !def !move !cost !special abilities |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Fighter |2 |3 |3 |9 |supports |- |Zeppelin |1 |2 |6 |16 |Strategic Bomber, Supports |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Late Fighter |3 |4 |4 |10 |supports, attainable through tech |- !Unit name !att !def !move !cost !special abilities |}
{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="FEECE2" colspan="6"|Naval Units |- !Unit name !att !def !move !cost !special abilities |- |Transport |0 |0 |2 |7 |5 Transport capacity, cannot defend and cannot be taken as casualty. |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Submarine |2 |1 |2 |7 |Can submerge, first strike |- |Destroyer |2 |2 |2 |9 |anti-submarine |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Cruiser |3 |3 |2 |10 | |- |Carrier |2 |3 |2 |13 |attainable through tech |- |Battlecruiser |4 |4 |2 |16 |Can Bombard |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" |Battleship |4 |4 |2 |22 |Can Bombard, 2 hit |- !Unit name !att !def !move !cost !special abilities |}

========================================================== Technology


To enable Technology, select "Tech Development" in "Game Options" prior to the beginning of the game.
{| bgcolor="ABABAB" border="1" ! bgcolor="FEECE2" colspan="3"|Technology List |- bgcolor="BDBDBD" !Tech Type !Tech Name !Description |- !Industry !Victory Bonds !2D6 extra pus per turn |- !Industry !Industry !place 3 more units in territories worth 2 or more |- !Industry !Working Women !Reduces Field and Heavy Artillery by 0.5, Fighter and Gas by 1 |- !Industry !Science !1 free tech token per turn |- !Industry !Propaganda !3 free Infantry per turn on your capital |- !Industry !Late Fighter !Unlocks Late Figher unit |- !Naval !Sub Warfare !Submarines attack at 3 & defend at 2 |- !Naval !Convoys !Destroyers Defend at 3, Cruisers Defend at 4 |- !Naval !Dockyards !Reduce BB's and BC's by 2 pus, Reduce rest by 1 pus |- !Naval !Fleet Action !Battleships and Battlecruisers Attack at 5 |- !Naval !Merchant Marine !Tranports, Destroyers and Cruisers move at 4 |- !Naval !Aircraft Carrier !Unlocks Carrier unit |- !Land !Creeping Barage !Field Artillery attacks at 3 |- !Land !Railway Guns/th> !Heavy Artillery defends at 5 |- !Land !mustardGas !Gas Attacks at 5 |- !Land !Bunkers !Trenches defend at 1 |- !Land !Mobile Warfare !Cavalry moves at 3 |- !Land !Armour !Unlocks Tank unit |}

========================================================== Credits


Thanks to the following contributors[]

# TripleK and Surtur for making origional Domination, from which the map is borrowed from
# Veqryn for engine support and providing examples of xml code in POS2
# Siege for relief tiles
# Cernel for flags and unit support
# RolfLarsson for maintaining the map depot and debugging
# Lalapalooza for playtesting
# Bdenn for playtesting
# Guage for playtesting
# Dany for playtesting

changelog v1.2.1 and v1.2.1.1 (blumb)
folded together with Surtur2's version
added his politics and national objectives
added the extra nations from his version
used his territory values
also mostley used his rule base to support aspects of the politics
version only has the neutrals placed and is for balancing suggestions via save games ;)
changelog v1.1 (blumb)
missing connections
BC > Alberta
Nyasaland > Portugese East Africa
edited game notes to include that:
conscripts are supportable
colonials can be placed in Algiers
changed to low luck (dice is optionial now not default)

Nations: Germans French Bolsheviks Russians Austrians Ottomans British Japanese Italians Americans ChinesePersians Brazilians Neutral_Allies Neutral_CP Neutral_True

Units: aaGun battlecruiser battleship Bedouin cavalry colonial conscript cruiser destroyer field_gun fightergas heavy_gun infantry late_fighter stormtruppen submarine tank transport trench zeppelin carrier factory_minor factory_upgrade factory_major harbour airfield

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