National Advantages are special abilities or options for specific players in Axis & Allies. The Nova Games Edition has special rules for each player; this was revived for the revised edition with 6 advantages for each nation. The players would roll one option for each nation.

The options had some balance issues and were revised as part of LHTR. The current version can be found here.

Axis & Allies: Revised Edition

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Soviet Union

  1. Russian Winter : Once per game, the Soviet player may declare a "severe winter"; until the start of the next round, all Soviet Infantry defend on a 3.
  2. Nonaggression Treaty : When Japan attacks a Soviet territory for the first time, the Soviet player may place four additional infantry in that territory for free. If the Soviet player attacks Japan first, this advantage is invalidated.
  3. Mobile Industry : The Soviet player's industrial complexes may move one space per turn
  4. Salvage : If you win a battle agsinst attacking tanks in a red territory and at least 1 tank is destroyed, place 1 free tank in that terrtitory
  5. Lend-Lease :During the purchase units phase, you can convert units from a friendly power on your territory
  6. Trans-Siberian Railway :Your infantry , AA guns, artillery may move 1 space among Russia, Novosibirsk, Yakut & Buryatia.


  1. U-Boat Interdiction : Subtract 1 IPC for US & UK income for each German sub on the map
  2. Atlantic Wall : Your infantry defend at 3 vs amphibious assault in gray territories
  3. Panzerblitz : If you destroy enemy units in the first round, your tanks may non-combat move 1 area
  4. Wolf Packs : If you attack with 3+ subs, raise their attack factor to 3
  5. Luftwaffe Dive-Bombers : Your fighters may strategically bomb at D3
  6. Fortress Europe : Your artillery in gray territories defend at 3

United Kingdom

  1. Radar : AA hits at 2
  2. Joint Strike : Once per game, the UK player may declare a joint strike; the UK's turn is completed without conducting combat moves or combat phases. On the US player's turn, that player may move any UK units as though they belonged to the United States.
  3. Enigma Decoded :Once per game, you may reinforce a German-attacked area from an adjacent area
  4. Mideast Oil :If a plane lands in non-combat movement in Egypt, Jordan or Persia, it may move additional areas equal to is normal movement
  5. French Resistance :Once per game, the allies control Western Europe, place 3 infantry
  6. Colonial Garrison :Add 1 industrial complex to your starting setup.


  1. Tokyo Express : Destroyers can carry 1 infantry
  2. Kamikaze Attacks : Japan launch an air attack without a landing area. It may only hit ships. It is automatically lost in the first round, and does no absorb a hit
  3. Kaiten Torpedoes : Submarines defend at 3 if adjacent to original Japanese territory or island
  4. Lightning Assaults :Transports may move again after invading and invade again
  5. Dug-In Defenders : Infantry in islands defend at 3.
  6. Banzai Attacks : If you attack with only infantry, the infantry attack at 2.

United States

  1. Island Bases : + 1 to air movement from islands, +1 to air movement to islands
  2. Chinese Divisions : Receive 1 infantry each turn in 1 of there areas: China,Sinkiang,Kwangtung,Indochina
  3. Marines :Your infantry attacks at 2 during the first round of an amphibious assault
  4. Mechanized Infantry : Your infantry can move 2 and blitz
  5. Fast Carriers : Air craft carriers have a move of 3
  6. Superfortresses : Your Bombers are immune to anti-aircraft gun