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Give just two realistic National Advantages to each Power. Otherwise, it's too much to keep straight. 

1. USSR.  A) Evacuation. USSR Industrial Complexes may move to an adjacent USSR controlled territory in Non-Combat Movement.

B) Partisans. Enemies must garrison an at-start USSR controlled territory with at least one Infantry to draw any IPC income from it. Treat Western Russia, Eastern Ukraine, and Belorussia as "at-start USSR controlled" for purposes of this National Advantage,

2. Germany. A) Wolf Packs. Attacking or defending German Submarines may target individual Transports, firing them with a strength of 4, when a Transport cannot show a 1:1 match with an escorting Destroyer. 

B) German Battle Groups. All German units may retreat to an adjacent, non-embattled space (if one is available) after the first round of land combat.

3. Great Britain A) Naval Bases. British naval units may non-combat move four spaces whenever they begin and end their movement adjacent to a British controlled territory which was British controlled at start. 

B) Commonwealth. Britain may build one Infantry per turn in India, Australia, Eastern Canada, and South Africa, even without Factories there. 

4, Japan A) Kamikazes. Japan may build Kamikaze Fighters at a cost of 7 IPC per Kamikaze. Place a Japanese control marker beneath a Fighter to indicate it is a "Kamikaze." Kamikazes may attack and defend at 1 in land combat. Kamikazes may only attack such sea zones as are within two spaces of Japan. Hits scored by Kamikazes (K. have an attack strength 3)must be satisfied by removing a (non-Submarine) naval unit. Kamikazes may be used to satisfy ordinary hits; all Kamikazes are destroyed after the first round of naval combat even if the Kamikazes are not used to satisfy a hit. Kamikazes may always defend the sea zone adjacent to their territory with a strength of 4, as long as that sea zone is within two spaces of Japan.

B) Tokyo Express. Japanese Destroyers may act in the same manner as Transports, but with a cargo capacity of just one Infantry.

5. United States of America. A. Chinese Nationalism. USA may build 2 Chinese Infantry per turn in China and Sinkiang, even without an Industrial Complex. USA may also build 3 in Manchuria and Kwangtung, if those are Cha/USA controlled. Japan must garrison each of these "Chinese" territories with at least one Infantry to draw any IPC income from them. 

B. Lend Lease. Any American Artillery, Tank or Fighter which begins the British turn in a British controlled at-start British territory, or the USSR turn in a USSR-controlled at-start USSR territory, is converted instantly into a British or USSR unit, respectively.