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New World Order 1939-45

Version 1.3.3
modified by: AdolfLebowski

The idea is to create a map focusing on balance and gameplay; this version adds
3 new powers to spice up diversity playing, thinned out the old units structure
a bit to simplify things and better represent national advantage. Turn orders
please also refer to the stats menu from top to bottom.

===============Notable Changes============

->-previous unfavorable units (especially for experienced players) have better
cost-effectiveless, detail please see below units chart);

->-battleship/cruiser are more powerful and expensive to reflect their capital
ship status, and the effectiveness of carrier + airforce, subs.

->-Mot.Inf, Mech.Inf, Tankette better balanced for their attack/def/range/cost

->-Heavyarmour is now 4+1/5/2/8 with artillery ablility, so it has close cost/
effectiveness as 2 artilleries @ 4+1+1/2+2/1/4+4, +1 range v.s +1 hit.

->-Earlyfighter is now no more preferable than fighter and should be phased out
as game progress, though they are still good in closer range combat;

->-Much stronger French/Polish positioning; slightly delayed Russian expansion
expansion; higher American income but later war involvement; higher intial UK
income; stronger allied naval strengthstrength; stronger Italian naval attack/
defensive capacity, but less transports capacity, weaker Italian land strength.

->-significantly better quality German intial army; stronger Finns;

->-Greece, Spain, Turkey as buffer states for both sides. 3 German generals;

->-French/ColonialFrench are now combined into France as a single nation, both
Paris and S.Canada are French capitals. If paris fall, France would still lose
PUs, but would be able to regenerate PUs later from second capital. Therefore
a liberated France would be much stronger if Axis ever let it happen.

->- Changed turn order, moved up France and Finns, important!!! please refer to stat.

->-Ankara can no longer be reached from sz 52! needs to pass through Istanbul/Ismir.
->-Axis is no longer able to build factories. Factory price gone up to 20 PUs.

==========Recommended house rules=========

->- special units, marked by dot, can not be build until rd 4. 2 dots means rd5, 3 dots means rd 5...and so on.
->- no stacking of bunkers, the rule is 1 bunker 1 terrory per turn.
->-it is recommended that heavyunits (dots) should be restricted as bunker rule,
->-This new revision put Axis in a seemingly more disadvantageous position, so a bid
might be desired for rookies, 4-20 should be reasonable, but for experienced player,
the game should be more balanced.

Axis Powers Allied Powers
Nazi_Germany Russia/Poland
Italy/Turkey United Kingdom
Finland/Romania France/Greece
NationalistSpain UnitedStates

Unit size should be 56.25%-66% to look best.

=================== Regular Units Stat:===============

Unit name cost att def move tranCost tranCap ability
Infantry 2 1 2 1 2 art-suportable
Elite 4 2 3 1 2 art-suportable
Mech.Inf 5 2 2 3 3 art-suportable
Mot.Inf 3 1 1 2 2 arti-supportable
Destroyer 10 2 3 2 anti-sub
sub 8 2 2 2 sub
bunker 5 0 2 0 0 2hit,1 per terr/rd
EarlyFighter 8 2 3 3
Tankette 3 1 1 2 2 artillery
Cruiser 18 4 4 1 2 trans/bombardment
T_boat 8 2 2 2
battleship 26 4 5 2 bombard/artillery
carrier 16 1 3 2 artsuport
fighter 10 3 4 4
transport 8 0 1 2 5
Unit name cost att def move tranCost tranCap ability

=========Speical Units stats===========

Unit name cost att def move tranCost tranCap ability
PantherGrenadier 3 2 2 2 2 art-suportable
panzer 5 3 3 2 3 art-suportable
Me262 12 4 5 4
HeavyPanzer 8 4 5 2 4 artillery
StuGf 4 1 3 2 3 artillery
KingTiger 12 5 5 1 6 artillery,2 hits
GrafZepplin 20 3 4 2 bombardment, carrier
S-sub 9 3 1 3 sub
General ?? 0 0 1 2 factory
HeavyTank(Soviet) 7 4 4 1 5 artillery
Lancaster 18 5 1 8 strat_bomber
B25 18 5 2 7 strat_bomber
B29 20 5 2 9 Stra-bomber
katyusa 6 3 1 3 3 artillery
UssIoWa 28 5 5 2 arti/bombardment/anti-sub
Marine 3 2 2 1 2 arti-supportable
Bismarck 28 5 5 2 2 trans/bombardment/artillery
Commando 6 3 3 1 1 arti-supportable,lowTranscost
P51Mustang 12 4 4 5 anti-sub
Unit name cost att def move tranCost tranCap ability

=====General Hints and strategies for beginners======

This version is considerably harder for Axis, the key is a Blitz to quckly
knock out France and Poland out of war, securing Westernflank, and consolidate along Ukraine -Estonia line; saving core German strength and once a critical
mass is obtained, penetrate Red army defense into Russian heartland... in the Southern theater, Italian expansion may be realized if German/Turkey can
drain sufficient British resources, Spain has to hold American long enough.;
Atlantic Theater, over spending on German navy(they are very expensive) is not
recommended as they are no match to a combined Allied naval presence, while
giving room for Russian build up. Try regroup Uboat fleet to safety and rejoin
the rest of Baltic fleet.
Minor Axis needs to survive and divert enough Allied attention.

Allied strategy is more straight forward, as they generally react to Axis moves
until regainning initiative; a Strong Russia is the key for Allied victory.
British now has a harder choice to make, either to reinforce Greece or France.
A good French strategy could delay/if not prevent the inevitable German march
on Paris, hammper Italian ambitions in Mediterranean or help strengthen UK navy.
A Polish defeat is certainty, player needs to weigh the benefit and cost of stay
and fight, hoping to inflict enough damage to Germans, or join the Russians.
American still faces the two choices of Atlantic or Med For more Triplea maps please visit :

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New World Order 1939 Lebowski Edition