Axis & Allies Wiki

This is a variant for the New World Order (Boardgame).

As per my WWI variant (found here ), I'm doing a slight variation for TT Modern Warfare variant to add just a little rearranging for a Cold War Variant.

In this Germany and the USSR are allies and Soviets, the rest of the World are those allied with the US.

Only very small changes in the actual setup.

Germany no longer has Western Europe, all pieces there should be replaced with AMERICAN units (yes, I said American, it can show the US presence in Europe, but it also shows the difficulties they may have in bringing forces over).

the Soviets also have Sinkiang and China. All units there are changed to Soviet Units.

The Soviets also get a bonus of +2 IPC to Germany's IPC turn as long as they HOLD and KEEP Germany.

German and Soviet units may be interchanged at will...and they ONLY have one capital, that of Moscow.

Japan has it's normaly territories with the exception of Kwang Tung...all units there must be replaced with UK units and it's now a UK territory, reducing the number of Japanese PC's to 22. In addition, any Japanese units in french Indochina are now in Manchuria (which makes for a HUGE amount in Manchuria. French Indochina is Japanese, but empty (making for an easy takeover from the Soviets).

The UK has it's IPC's set at 33. The US has it's IPC's set at 38. Japan at 22. the USSR at 28. Germany at 28. Germany and the USSR go FIRST and the IPC's each nation starts with are NOT given out till AFTER both of these nations go (So if they took Western Europe, then the US would only start off with 32 IPC's).

The Soviets and the US allies start off at war with each other.

Optional Nuclear Options - IF you want to play something even MORE adrift and a bigger variant, use this option. Wargames with nukes. If you so decide you can launch an ICBM/NUKE at ANY enemy territory. If it hits you roll 5 dice. The result is how many UNITS they lose. However, you may NOT launch another nuke attack until they nuke you.

You can ONLY launch one nuclear attack to start.

The other player then can launch TWO nuclear attacks on YOU. they are resolved the same way. AFter that they CANNOT attack you again with nukes until YOU have attacked them.

You get 3 Nuclear attacks on them, and then cannot attack them until they attack you with nukes.

They get 4 nuclear attacks only...and you can probably see the pattern here. It continues until either no one is left standing, or only ONE group is left standing.

The objective of the game is to take the enemy capital and hold it for a full round. The capitals are Moscow and Washington DC.