Download       The year is 2020, the battle for new yawk. It is ugly. Leaders and femdoms (female fighting units!!) are artillery (generals), they support infantry, halftrac and cavalry. Every territory has an invisible factory so don't tic that box about not blitzing through factories. Do tic unit placement per territory restricted and place in any territory. There are land bridges and no ships. Units are as follows: aagun a0 d1 m1 c8 femdom a2 d2 m1 c6 gives support armour a3 d3 m2 c6 can blitz cannon a2 d1 m1 c3 cavalry a2 d1 m2 c4 supported can blitz factory a0 d0 m0 c0 halftrac a2 d2 m2 c5 supported can blitz copter a4 d2 m4 c8 air infantry a1 d2 m1 c3 supported jeep a1 d2 m2 c3 drones a3 d1 m5 c6 air dogs a1 d1 m1 c2 bunker a0 d1 m0 c0 leader a2 d3 m1 c7 gives support Depending on your faction your leaders might be called rappers, lama, rabbis, matadors, imams, pushers or captains. Make 7 players more n. able, dynamix doesn't work. Must have a sense of humor to play. Not a PC game.