An Axis & Allies style game from the Guild of Blades.

The Nitrate War was fought between Chile on one side and Peru and Bolivia on the other. It began when Bolivia broke a treaty between Chili and itself. Peru was not ready for a war. Its President, Mariano Ignacio Pracho, was a socialist and had purged the army of people and weapons. Bolivia itself was only a little better armed. Chile had just undergone a modernization of its military by a Prussian General and it was ready for war. Historically Chile won the war and gained over 30% new territory to its national boundaries.. The war would leave central South America in shambles for years and years. Now you can change the outcome of the war and do what couldn’t be done historically by Bolivia and Peru: get Argentina and US Industrialists into the War. This game contains: a two piece 17” by 22” black and white map, 150+ cut out pieces, rules and 1D10.