Axis and Allies - The Original Game NoLimits World War III Scenario


This scenario deals about a struggle between the NATO and a coalition of states called The New World Order. The NATO consists of the USA and the European Alliance. The New World Order alliance consists of the USSR, China and "terrorist nations". The latter alliance consists of countries in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, however, joined the European Alliance. When the game starts China has already taken over Japan, India and other parts of East Asia.

Initial Setup

Mind the following:

All regions not named are neutral

Key = * = Plane on Carrier , $ = Capital


Starting IPC 33

RegionInfantryTankFighterTransport PlaneBomberCruiserDestroyerBattleshipSubAircraft CarrierSatelliteAAIndustrial ComplexTransport
Eastern USA2111111110111
Western USA$322010011110
West Indies1
Hawaiian Islands212*0111011001
Western Canada1
Eastern Canada1

NATO - European Alliance

Starting IPC = 42 Switz.= 3 ipc , Spain = 2 ipc. , Sweden = 2 ipc. , Saudi Arabia = 3 ipc.

RegionInfantryTankFighterBomberTransport PlaneCruiserDestroyerSubTransportAircraft CarrierSatelliteAAIndustrial Complex
United Kingdom $2111111111 -
Western Europe21
Southern Europe21111111
Finland Norway31
Saudi Arabia32111

The New World Order - "Terrorist nations"

Starting ICP = 26


Venezuela Colombia = 5 ipc

Peru = 2 ipc

Argentina Chile = 2 ipc.

Libya = 2 ipc. (can produce any amount of units a turn)

Rio D'Oro = 1 ipc.

Turkey = 1pc.

RegionInfantryTankMigBomberTransport PlaneCruiserDestroyerSubTransportAircraft CarrierSatelliteAAIndustrial Complex
Venezuela Colombia$32111
Argentina Chile2
Anglo Egypt Sudan2
Syria Iraq21
French West Africa1
Rio De Oro21
French Equatorial Africa1
Italian East Africa1
Belgian Congo1
Kenya Rhodesia1

The New World Order - Russia

Starting IPC = 30

RegionInfantryTankMigBomberTransport PlaneCruiserDestroyerSubTransportAircraft CarrierSatelliteAAIndustrial Complex
Russia $3211111
Eastern Europe31
Karelia S.S.R.321121
Kazakh S.S.R.21
Soviet Far East2111121
Yakut S.S.R.
Evenki Nat'L Okrug

The New World Order - China

Starting IPC. = 37

China = 4 ipc.

RegionInfantryTankMigBomberTransport PlaneCruiserDestroyerSubTransportAircraft CarrierSatelliteAAIndustrial Complex
French Indo-China Burma2
Philippine Islands21
East Indies1
New Zealand1
New Guinea1
Solomon Islands1
Caroline Islands1*1111
Wake Island1
Borneo Celebes1

All areas that are not mentioned are neutral.


Namcostmovementattackdefensewhat it does
Infantry3112look 2nd rules
Tank5232look 2nd rules
Mig12643look 2nd rules for fighters
Fighters12634look 2nd rules
Bomber16841look 2nd rules + stealth -1 AA gun fire first strike like subs to ground and sea units.
Transport Plane12801transport 2 infantry or one tank. at same space to some where with in movement no suicide runs. AA guns get shots before units dropped.
Battleshipcannot be bought254look 2nd rules + Rocket attack to IC. AA get to fire before the rocket
Cruiser18232same as Battleship
Destroyer12321same as Battleship + 3 def , 3 Atk Vs Subs.
Sub8232look 2nd rules
Aircraft Carrier18213look 2nd rules
Transport8201look 2nd rules
Satellite30 one use a turn001first strike a turn
AA5101look 2nd rules + same to ships
Industrial Complex15000look 2nd rules
Anti Stealth15000all regions around the one with AS can make a bomber lose it Stealth ability

Weapons Development

  • 1 Better Aircraft = Migs attack goes to 5, Fighters Def. goes to 5
  • 2 Better AA = AA def. goes to 2
  • 3 Attack Satellites = Satellites get a 2 Act and a 1 def. Vs other satellites. only in same battle.
  • 4 SAG Satellites = Satellite get a 4 act. vs ground with 3 dice and get to strap IC foe 3d6.
  • 5 Industrial Tech. = look 2nd rules
  • 6 Heavy Bombers = look 2nd rules

New Rules

Intercepting Fighters and Migs get to attack attacking bombers only if they lose there stealth to AS. The Fighters get there attack and bombers get there defense, next round the bombers moves if it wants to, to its target. This ability works Vs Fighters and Migs for free they don't need to be found like the bomber. If they are with a bomber and you Intercept them u can hit the bomber then and it loses it stealth.

Remarks (by thrasher)

No order of play is given for this scenario.

This scenario originally appeared at the No Limits Axis and Allies page. This page is gone.

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