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This a variant can be applied to most versions of A&A.


Rather than rolling dice for each round of combat, add up the combat values of all units. This total is the total number of damage points (DP) inflicted. For every 6 DP, 1 enemy unit is destroyed, with the balance being carried over to the next round. Damaged units may have reduced effective, or cost IPC's to repair.


When the battle is over, the leftover damage is handled as follows. The damaged unit can be repaired at a cost of 1/6 the units damage per DP. The decision to repair damage must be made immediately. If the unit has 1 or 2 DP, it can be repaired on the spot. If the unit has 4 or 5 DP it is removed from the map and comes back during the owner’s next build phase. If the unit has 3 DP, it is repaired on the map if it is a defender and rebuilt if an attacker. You may choose to sacrifice the unit and pay nothing.


Round to the nearest whole number. Round halves against the attacker and in favor of the defender in all circumstances.


If the attackers have 3+ DP of leftover damager at the end of the round, 1 attacking unit can't fire. If the defender has 4+ DP of leftover damage, 1 defending unit can't fire. [Therefore to destroy the defenders in 1 round, the attacker must have an attack value = 6 x # of defenders -2]


A player does not have to decide his production at the start of the turn. Instead, choose your units when you place them. Units which you had to rebuild because of damage are counted against build limits. Note that units are rebuilt during the same player-turn when they were damaged (for the attacker).

Note: The build phase is moved because you could work out all the consequences of your attack anyhow, so it saves work to choose units at the end.


Each bomber inflicts 3 IPC's in losses. The bombers take damage normally from the AA fire.


If aircraft are attacking without the support of ground units, damage is inflicted by the AA fire normally. Otherwise, total the attack values of the all the aircraft and reduce it by 6. AA damage must be repaired normally at the end of the battle with 1 plane shot down for every 6 DP. If any attack starts with supporting units, but they are destroyed, starting treating the AA damage as normal damage.


Submarines may only damage ships so if they fight alongside other units, their opponent may take some damage against ships and other damage against aircraft. Note that if the submarines achieve 4 DP during their first fire, that would prevent an enemy ship from firing back. A submarine that receives 4 or 5 DP from an attack can still retreat, but it would it still have to be rebuilt.


If the attacker wishes to breakoff an attack, the defender may forestall him by removing all his units and conceding the territory. This prevents the attacker from cutting his attacks very close.


If a transport takes damage, its cargo takes the same damage.