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Nova Games Edition

                   This TripleA mod is inspired by Larry Harris’s original version of Axis & Allies published by Nova Game Designs in 1981. Some elements of the game have been changed to conform with TripleA rules or for play balance. The original rules are posted at

The game map is based upon the original, but the inset boxes have been removed. This creates some inconsistencies the Barent Sea Zone adjoins Moscow, the Eastern Canada Sea Zone adjoins Western Canada. Neither are connected for game purposes. There are also some alignment problems on the map seam in the Western hemisphere.

Canals work a little differently. You can’t enter the Suze & Panama Canal sea zones unless you control the relevant land areas. Egypt and Transjordan are connected by land.

The setup is the same as the original except that a Factory has been added in South Africa for play balance purposes (especially for the AI). If playing against the AI as an Allied power, it should be removed.

In the original game, a naval unit had to expend 1MP to load a unit. In the TripleA version, I reduce the capacity of transports to 1 unit instead.

The original submarine rules can’t be handled by TripleA. I made submarines immune to air attack instead unless a Carrier is present.

In the original game combat was between adjacent areas like in Risk. However movement was after combat. I used the normal TripleA sequence.

In the original game, tanks were -2 during the first round of amphibious attacks. I made them -1 for the whole battle. There is no naval bombardment.

AA guns make only 1 attack, but at strength 3.

In the original game bombers can take off from carriers, but not land on them. I allowed them to do both, but I don’t recommend it.

All units have build caps in accordance with the original rules.

In the original game, you could build an unlimited number of units at any factory. I limited the number of unit to value of the area.

In the original game, neutrals were undefended, but you paid 3 PU penalty to enter them. This confused the AI, so I had a neutral garrison instead. The pro-neutrals are from the original game.

I raised the economic victory level for the Allies from 85 to 90 to avoid turn 1 victories. The Axis remains at 70.

For technology I substituted Heavy Bombers for the complex Atomic Bomb rules and replaced the 5th Column with War Bonds. In the original game, Jets were immune to AA, I didn’t bother with it in the TripleA version.

Each player has 1 special unit type. This was handled somewhat differently in the original game.

Russians: Mobile Factory

Germans: Panzerkorps (4-5-2 armor)

British: Home Guard (0-4-0 infantry)

Japanese: Kamikaze (4-4-4 fighter, does not need to land, removed after combat)

Americans: Marines (Infantry with +2 in amphibious landings)

Adapted to TripleA by Roger Cooper