Oil Wars

    In the year 20XX, As global oil supplies dwindle, prices skyrocket, threatening global economic depression. The world's major powers race to secure the remaining reserves, igniting old rivalries. China and Russia ally against the United States, European Union and India, while the emerging Islamic State uses the crisis to sweep to power across North Africa and the Middle East. Oil Wars takes place in an "alternate universe" where the people of the world fail to come together to solve the energy crisis. The content of this game is not meant to reflect any existing political or military reality, it is purely a work of fiction. It is my hope the people of the world will come together to protect and preserve the planet and the human race, especially the elimination of radioactive, poisonous and biological warfare, which thereaten the innocent, future generations to whom we all hope to leave a better world; who we hope will be more just, wise peaceful and prosperous than ourselves.