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PacWar v1.3 (scenario for AAC

- by tab51 -

Initial Setup

ALL island units are doubled! (including UK and Japan), if an isle has no units on it, place 1 inf there.

Additional Units:

Russia: None


  • 1 subs: Central Atlantic
  • 1 ftr: Libya

UK: None


  • 2 subs: Philipines & sea of Japan
  • 1 carrier with 1 ftr: sea of Japan


  • 1 BB: Hawaii
  • 1 Carrier with 1 ftr: Midway
  • 1 sub & 1 transport: Midway


  • Russia Restricted
  • TwoHit Battleships
  • Always active AA-gun
  • Axis advantage
  • Scorched Earth
  • No new Factories
  • No Technology Development
  • Bidding
  • Wolfpack (see below)
  • Asia quest guidelines (see below)

Wolfpack: Cannot attack lone subs with air only, must be accompanied by naval unit.

Asia quest: Japan is not allowed to attack any original Russian territory, until either of 2 conditions are met:

Axis controls Sinkiang, China, Persia and India for 1 turn Russia attacks any Japanese unit before #1 is met More Rules:

Neither US nor Japanese fleets may leave the Pacific Theater (East coast of Africa to West coast of the Americas). US must place at least 1 naval unit in the pacific theater each turn (unless they have no factory to do so). NOTE: scorched earth and no new factories will cause this to happen if US's western factory is destroyed. Remarks

What I am trying to achieve, is a forced pacific theater of war. Resources may limit the US involvement in Europe with this scenario, but with the other rules in place, it should be very balanced.