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Download: In repository under Experimental/Pacific The original Pacific edition.

The British Convoy Zones have been divided between India & Australia, In the boardgame, the British player allocates the income
The naval & air bases do not work properly in the TripleA engine. They have been replaced with airfields & harbors that do same thing. The original symbols remain on the map
Japan scores 1 VP for every 10 pu's collected. It loses 1 VP for every 10 pu's lost to bombing. The Japanase win reaching 22 VP
The Japanese also win by holding 2 of Japan, India, New South Wales
The Allies win by holding Japan, India, New South Wales
The Allies also have an economic victory (effective by reducing Japan to a production of 9
The CAP rules from the boardgame are not supported. Instead, planes can scramble from airfields & harbours Credits: Triple_Elk (base-line), iron__cross (integration), ComradeKev (special rules implementations) Updated by Roger Cooper

Units: infantry marine armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer airfield harbour

Nations: Japanese British Australians Chinese Americans Commonwealth