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Axis and Allies Pacific[]

- units detail is the same as Hearts of Iron

- new feature: Bonzai_infantry 2/0/2(japan)

suggested victory condition:
occupy Japanese homeisland(all everywhere except home island);destroy Japanese navy; at least 3 allied powers remain standing.

1. annihilation of at least 2 allies; production of no less than 50; total TUV of at least 550(or no less than 50% of allies TUV);
2. All original Japanese territory, Philipines must be in Japan hands; Sea of Japan must be clear of Allies vessels
3. keep above conditions for at least 3 consecutive rounds

Lebowski Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser halftrack s_destroyer Mobilefactory Bunker fighterjet Tiger2 navalmine yamato B29_Superfortress fleetcarrier escortcarrier marine SilentHunter mini_submarine zero heavybomber T34MediumTank Bismarck commando sniper stormtrooper Katyusha lightarmour Tiger chinesepartisan lightcruiser King_George_class_battleship B25 tactical_bomber kamikazeZero Panther IS3 Ilyushin-Il-2 Graf_zeppelin Longlance_submarine Longlance_midgetsub P51mustang Bonzai_Infantry

Nations: Japanese Americans Chinese British Australians

Pacific-The Rising Sun 1941