A scenario based on the original Pacific edition. v1.0

Pacific 1942

Pacific: 1942

"I can run wild for six months...after that, I have no expectation of success." -- Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto

It's summer 1942, six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The past half year saw a series of rapid conquests against European colonial possessions in the Pacific and the Allies had just barely managed to check the Japanese advance at Coral Sea. The Japanese are now faced with the logistically challenging task of defending its vast new empire. Will the vaunted Combined Fleet seek to annihilate the US carriers at Midway, or will it wait patiently for the awakening "sleeping giant"? Will the Japanese seek fresh targets of expansion or will they focus on building their defensive perimeter?

Victory Conditions

The Japanese objective is to collect 35 VIctory Points (VPs) and the Allied objective is to prevent that from happening. At the end of each turn, Japan collects 1 Victory Point per 10 PU it collected for income that turn; PUs taken from capturing Allied capitals count towards income for that turn. The Allies destroy 1 Japanese Victory Point per 10 PU damage inflicted in Strategic Bombing Raids.

Turn Order

Chinese Japanese British Americans

Special Rules

-The British have two capitals in India and New South Wales. The loss of one will still result in the looting of all their PUs, but the other one will still allow them to continue collecting income and building new units. -Air bases provide aircraft flying in and out of them with an extra movement point. -Naval bases provide ships with 1 extra movement point when moving between two friendly naval bases during non combat move. This ability may be used with naval bases captured on the same turn. -The Chinese do not have regular production and purchase phases: they recieve 1 infantry per territory they own with a PU value; they recieve an additional infantry if the Burma Road is open (India-Burma-Yunnan-Chungking route is Allied controlled).


Credits: Mod by Pulicat with guest artwork by hepster, original Pacific alpha developers: Triple_Elk, iron__cross, ComradeKev     

<table style=" attacks at 2 during amphibious assaults </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Artllery
<img data-cke-saved-src=" http:="""" albums="" ae64="" pulicat="" triplea="" pacific_1942="" japanese="" artillery.png="" src=""> |2 |2 |1 |4 |supports infantry and marines |- |Armour |3 |2 |2 |5 |can blitz |- |Battleship |4 |4 |2 |24 |shore bombardment; takes two hits & repairs at end of turn |- |Carrier |1 |2 |2 |20 |may carry 2 planes |- |Submarine |2 |2 |2 |8 |first strike; submerge before battle; attacks only naval units; does not block enemy movement; may not be hit by air unless ASW ship present |- |Destroyer |2 |2 |2 |10 |Anti-submarine warfare (ASW); Japanese destroyers may transport 1 infantry |- |Frigate |1 |1 |1 |7 |ASW |- |Escort Carrier |1 |1 |1 |12 |may carry 1 plane |- |Transport |0 |0 |1 |8 |does not block movement, may transport 1 armour or 1 inf + (1 of artillery, inf, or AAgun) |- |Fighter |3 |4 |4 |12 |may land on carrier |- |Bomber |4 |1 |6 |15 |may conduct strategic bombing raids |- |Tactical Bomber |4 |2 |4 |12 |may land on carrier |- |AA Gun |0 |0 |1 |5 |rolls at 1 against enemy planes </table>


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