The original Pacific edition.

At the beginning of the game, before the Japanese player purchases, the British and Australian players must allocate 12 pu between themselves.

Use the 'edit' function to give the British and Australian players some combination of PUs that add up to 12.

These 12 PUs represent the Commonwealth Convoy Zones (there are 3 convoy zones, valued at 3, 4, and 5).

Each round, at the end of the British/Australian turn, the British and Australian players must use the 'edit' function to give themselves some combination of PUs that add up to the amount of Commonwealth Convoy Zones Production that the Allies control.

This current implementation of the WW2 Pacific conflict is still in alpha phase and has many features still to be supported as listed:

  • CAP
  • (implemented) Airports/Seaports
  • (implemented) Convoy Centers
  • (implemented) Convoy Routes
  • (implemented) Chinese purchase mechanics
  • (implemented) Marines
  • Chinese and USA same turn order (done on seperate turns for now)
  • (implemented) Seperate income for India and Australia
  • Commonwealth Convoy Center PU distribution
  • Special stratbombing rules (regular strat bombing rules applied)
  • (implemented) Japanese Victory Points
  • (implemented) Japanese special turn one attack
  • (implemented) Japanese DDs can transport a single Inf
  • (implemented) Special sub rules
  • Japanese Kamikazes
  • (?implemented?) Burma Road (appears to be implemented...?)

Credits: Triple_Elk (base-line), iron__cross (integration), ComradeKev (special rules implementations)

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