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One Page War – Pacific Storm – by Alex Kremer.

Goal: US forces win by removing all Japanese from their islands (Kyushu is optional) within 25 turns.

Counter Stats: ATT – DEF – MAX MOVE.

Start and US Reinforcements: See map. Place 2 Marines & 3 Air Wings aside. Place these on Guam when the Sollomons fall.

Movement: US player goes first. Move then attack enemy units in the same space. Ships move at half speed when moving into/out of island spaces. Disembarking/Embarking costs 1 Move. Aircraft must make a round trip to a friendly CVG or island or crash (eliminated).

Combat: Like units attack one another. Air Wings may also attack CVGs. < ATT on 1d10 = Eliminate < DEF on 1d10 = Negates.

Air Wings may “bomb” Garrisons/Marines to “weaken” them (½ Strength for 1 turn).

An attacking stack attacks one defending unit. Remaining defenders may immediately counterattack, or retreat 1 space (if possible)

CVG: Each CVG can hold one Marines/Garrison unit and 1 Air Wing. A destroyed CVG loses its Marines/Garrsion. The Air Wing launches immediately. The Air Wing must find a place to land next turn. Event Chits: Whenever a 10 is rolled, draw an Event Chit, and follow its instruction. If it cannot work, do not redraw. Treat as No Event.


Pacific Storm