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Pacific_Theater 1.4, modded by Zim Xero is a project to supply an updated bug-free version of the WW2 Pacific conflict temporarily using the map created by Triple_Elk (base-line), iron__cross (integration), ComradeKev (special rules implementations). Convoy routes and zones were replaced with valued sea zones. British, commonwealth, and Austrailians are combined into one force called 'AI_Allies'. Russia is incorporated into 'AI_China'. The map is designed for challenging human play as Japan.

Japan must control every singular island OR the United States by round 25

Carriers give defense+1 and range+2 to 2 fighters in the same zone.
Subs and Bombers have Blockade values of 1.
All PU valued lands and seas are blockade zones.

The following units require surplus resources to produce:
battleship(2), carrier(1), and factory(1)
Japan receives 1 surplus resource per turn for every 2 victory points they have attained.

This special non-producible unit gives +1 defense to one of each type of ship in its zone.
statistics: attack=3 defense=2 movement=3 bombard=3 carries 1 infantry and 1 fighter. 2 hit.

Restrict air only versus sub only attacks to a maximum of one round.
Kamakaze aircraft must be taken as first casualties always.

On Turns 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,and 16, China receives 2 infantry in Szechwan.
China receives 1 infantry and 1 armour in Tsinghai each turn, up to 3 times, that Japan owns Soviet Union.
Japan gains 1 Kamikazi per turn after turn 7 if enemy presence is detected within range=2 of Japan.
On turns 1-7, if Japan has units in the Chinese border-states, it gains 2 infantry in Szechwan.
On Turn 2, the United States flying tigers arrive in Szechwan.
On Turn 4, the United States begins generating an extra 25 PUs income per turn.
On Turn 6, the Allies gain 5 armour in India and many ships.
On Turn 8, Russians support counterattack in Tsinghai and Soviet Union if Hawaiian ally controlled.
On Turn 10, the United States gains an Atlantic Fleet in Sea Zone 3
United States also gains marines and bombers in West US, and lands in India.
On Turn 12, Allies gain 3 bombers in Line and forces land in South Asia if New South Wales ally controlled.
On Turn 14, United States gains nuclear deployment capability. Receives 3 bombers every other turn

Pacific Theater