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Download Pacific_Theater_Solo_Challenge version 4.3 by Zim Xero 

Updated single-player variant of the WW2 Pacific conflict using a modded map created by Triple_Elk, iron__cross, and ComradeKev. This map features AI interactivity, diverging timelines, a unique technology system, nontraditional unit statistics, resources, a 'quick to learn-hard to master' play style, and built-in difficulty selection. Designed for challenging human play as Japan versus the AI.

WINNING Wins in PTSC are ranked using a five star system:
* Technology Win: Japan must control 15 air/naval base territories and research 10 technologies by round 40
* Domination Win: Japan must defeat the United States by round 40
* Achieve both victories by round 35
* Extra star for winning in normal mode
** Two extra stars for winning in hard mode

DIFFICULTY SELECTION At any time, a player may activate Easy Mode or Hard Mode by purchasing it and placing.
Easy Mode adds 5 PUs, 1 Resources, and 1 Tek to Japanese income each round and subtracts
5 PUs from American and Allied incomes. In addition, many events are easier.
Hard Mode subtracts 5 PUs from Japanese income each round, adds 5 PUs to American
and Allied incomes, and makes many events more difficult.

PRODUCTION Each territory with a factory can place a number of units equal to the PU value of the territory.
Japan, New South Wales, Canada, and the United States have unlimited production with a factory.
If an enemy controls them, however, they will have standard production.
Factories are always destroyed when their territory is taken by an enemy.
Only one Factory per territory can be placed, two with Industrial Might technology.
AI will only rebuild lost Factories in Capitols, Tsinghai, and India.
AI nations only receive half PU income until they lose an originally controlled territory.

MAINTENANCE After turn four, Japan is affected by war fatigue and over-expansion.
Each territory can support a number of units equal to twice its production value plus one unit.
Original Japanese territories can support two extra units.
Territories with more units than they can support, will produce -1 PUs per round.
Supplies and transportX are not counted as units in any territories.
fighter and fighterX are not counted in [A]irbase territories.
Marine and MarineX are not counted in [N]avalbase territories.
Sea Zones with 10, 15, or 20 units in them cost 1 PUs per round for upkeep.
A custom objectives tab has been added to show the maintenance status in all territories.

RESOURCES Some Units require surplus Resources in addition to PUs in order to produce them.
Each turn, Japan receives 1 resource per VC and extra per Processing unit.

PROCESSING UNIT PRODUCTION 1st Unit: 1 Resource and 1 in 6 chance to produce an Advanced resource
2nd Unit: 2 Resources and 1 in 5 chance to produce an Advanced resource
3rd Unit: 3 Resources and 1 in 4 chance to produce an Advanced resource
4th Unit: 4 Resources and 1 in 3 chance to produce an Advanced resource
5th Unit: 5 Resources and 1 in 2 chance to produce an Advanced resource
6th Unit: 6 Resources and automatically receive one Advanced resource
Each processor has production cumulative with the others. 21 Resources each round is possible.

COMPLEXES Auto-produces supplies and Tek resource. Repairs battleships and Japanese Halftracks.
Complexes build some advanced units and give +1 defense to 6 land units.

SUPPLIES Supplies give +2 movement to aircraft, +4 movement to upgraded bombers, none to DeathCharges.
Supplies can support offshore shots, absorb hits, and are air transportable
Some units consume supplies when built. Supplies do not count as units for maintenance counts.
Supplies move 1 but receive +1 movement and blitz capability from factories and Halftracks.

GAMEPLAY NOTES Carriers give defense+1 and range+2 to 2 fleet_fighters in the same zone.
Aircraft cannot be placed on new carriers or produced on carriers.
Naval bombardment ships support one landing unit for each combat attack dice they use.
Bombardment casualties are unable to return fire.
All armour unit types are 2 ATT, 1 DEF in Burma and Shan State due to 'T' terrain.
All PU valued lands and seas are blockade zones.
Harbours may only be placed adjacent to Naval Base territories.
For strategic raids, bombers do D2 PUs damage for each attack dice they use in combat.
United States connects to Sea Zone 2 via Panama Canal(off map)

BATTLECRUISER YAMATO This special non-producible unit gives +1 defense to one battleship, carrier, destroyer and cruiser.
The Yamato has 2 hitpoints and gives +1 attack to one fighter, one armament and +1 attack/defense to Musashi.
Produces three d6 aa 'first-strike' defensive shots versus enemy fighters and fleet_fighters.
statistics: attack=3 defense=2 movement=3 bombard=3 carries 1 infantry and 1 fighter. Auto-repairs.

BATTLECRUISER MUSASHI Sister-ship to the Yamato. Gives +1 attack to one battleship, carrier, destroyer and cruiser.
The Musashi has 2 hitpoints and gives +1 defense to one fighter, one armament and +1 attack/defense to Yamato.
Produces three d6 aa 'first-strike' defensive shots versus enemy submarines.
statistics: attack=3 defense=2 movement=3 bombard=3 carries 1 infantry and 1 fighter. Auto-repairs.

MIDGET SUBMARINE ATT=2 DEF=1 MOV=2. Two-Hit, self repairing. Blockade=4. Ignores submarine stacking limits. One-of-a-kind submarine unit received by Japan when Submarine Upgrade is researched. Unit has -1 att/def if any owned transports are present. Midget gives +1 attack/defense to all other submarine units.

SUBMARINE WARFARE Japanese placement, movement, and attacks are limited to three submarines per sea zone.

ARMAMENTS Receives +1 attack fom Cruisers, battleshipX, Dreadnaught, MegaCarrier, SuperSub, and Yamato.
Receives +1 defense from battleship, destroyerX, carrierX, Harbour, HarbourX, aaGun, aaGunX and Musashi.
Receives +2 defense from Cruisers, battleshipX, Dreadnaught, MegaCarrier, SuperSub, and Island BunkerX .
Armaments represent multi-functional advanced armor and rocket attachments useful alone or as naval upgrades.

AI BUG RULE (player enforced) 'IF' Americans or Allies ever exceed 200 PUs on Japans turn, Human player should enter edit mode and do the following: set that AI faction's PUs to 25 and add one of each possible unit not already at the location to its capital and adjacent sea zone.

TECHNOLOGY Japan starts the game with six air/naval base territories. Tek resources are produced by each Airbase and Navalbase map symbol, complexes, and Investment improvements. Eight is automatically subtracted from the total Tek Japan receives each turn. This amount cancels the production from Japans starting bases, leaving them only one extra Tek produced each turn by their complex. Japan, the High_Tech unit, and the Panama Sea Zone each generate one Advanced resource per turn. When ten base territories are controlled and five technologies have been researched , a High_Tech unit appears on Japan. Another High_Tech unit will appear if every technology has been researched. Research is available after the first round and the cost per token equals 25 PUs, -1 PU per air/naval base territory controlled, -2 PUs with Research Focus.

ENEMY TECHNOLOGY Enemy technology is identical to Japanese except for the following:
Spy Network subracts 4 PUs from Japanese income. If Americans and Allies gain Research Focus, they share technology. SubmarineUpgrade gives a 1:6 chance to place a submarineX each turn. aaGunUpgrade gives 1 aaGunX per originally owned, currently controlled Air Base territory. marine is gained from Marine Upgrade or from Paratroopers. marineX is gained from having both technologies. halftrack is gained from Marine Upgrade or from Mechanized Infantry. halftrackX is gained from having both technologies. Industrial Might adds an extra complex to United States and New South Wales, adds an Island Bunker to New Britain and Hawaiian, replaces any origninally lost harbours and factories, converts factories into factoryX, and adds a Harbour to Papua and Philippines. China cannot research technologies. MarineX unit only costs enemies 3 PUs each. halftrack/halftrackX unit does not repair at factories but gives infantry types +1 movement. Enemies of Japan gain one bonus Level Bomber each time they develop a technology.

Marine +1 amphibious att, +1 att/def on islands, low transport cost, air transportable, receives artillery bonus.
Halftrack repairs at complexes. transports 1 infantry unit. gives +1 att artillery support. +1 amphibous att bonus. One AA shot. +1 att from fighter type units.
Harbour gives +1 defense to one carrier, battleship, destroyer, and Cruiser. Auto-repairs, Increases ship movement to three, except for transports and Advanced ships.
Island_Bunker 2-Hit unit, self-repairing. Consumes supplies, requires an island to place. Gives +2 def to two infantry, aaGun, artillery, Marine, or Armament units.
Cruiser gives 1 Armament +1 attack and +2 defense. Receives two AA shots.
Processing consumes supplies, requires territory. Produces increasing chances to produce Advanced resource and Resources.
Investment consumes supplies, requires territory. Adds Tek and PU income based on total number built: 1=1 2=3 3=6 4=10 5=15 6=21 7=28 max8=36 PUs/Tek/turn
Armament scramble range of 1. One AA shot. Carrier cost = 1. Bonus ATT/DEF from most ships.
Interceptor +1(x2) DEF from HarbourX, aaGunX, and carrierX. 2 Hit unit, repaired by harbours, 3 scramble range.
SuperSub Self-Repairs. Gives 2 Armaments +1 att/+2 def. Does not count toward maximum of 3 submarines per sea zone. Can be initially placed in any owned zone.
MegaCarrier Self-Repairs. Gives +2 defense to interceptors and fleet_fighters, Gives one Armament +1 attack and +2 defense.
Dreadnaught Self-Repairs. Gives 2 Armaments +1 attack and +2 defense. 3x3 bombard
LevelBomber as listed
DeathRay Consumes supplies, requires complex. Auto-produces 1 DeathCharge per round. DeathCharges removed each round unless a DeathRay is in the same territory.

Long Range Air +2 range added to all existing and new air units produced. -1 PUs each round for fuel refinement costs.
Heavy Warfare artilleryX= +1 unit supported attacking and defending, armourX= +1att/def 2hit +2Pus
Industrial Might factoryX-6PUs. complexX-2PUs generates +1Tek. HarbourX-5PUs generates +1PUs, +1 def to 4 Armament/Interceptors, +4 capacity. Island_BunkerX +2 DEF, supports +2 units.
Spy Network -3PUs income for Americans and Allies, -2PUs income for Chinese. Gives Intelligence Reports in normal and hardmode.
Research Focus generates +2 Tek per round, research tokens cost 2 PUs less each. Gain two bonus Advanced resources once only.
Economic Output d6 PUs added to income each round. Eliminates war Maintenance costs.
Transport Upgrade transportX= -2PUs, +1 transport capacity. Gains +1 movement bonus from Harbour and HarbourX.
Submarine Upgrade submarineX= +1 att/def/mov +2 blockade. no Harbour move bonus. Receive one-of-a-kind Midget submarine.
Destroyer Upgrade destroyerX= -1 PUs, anti-submarine, bombard+1, move=3(no harbour bonus), carries Armament, +1 DEF to one armament
Carrier Upgrade carrierX= -3 PUs, +1 capacity, +1 DEF to one armament. fleet fighterX= -1 PUs, +1 scramble range, +1 att/def at sea, carrierX-fleet_fighterX +2 range bonus.
Battleship Upgrade battleshipX= 2x3 att/def, 2x3 bombard, -2 PUs, gives one armament +2 defense and +1 attack.
Bomber Upgrade bomberX= 2x3 att, 2x1 def, -2PUs, +2 extra supply range. LevelBomberX= 2 extra attacks of 1, 5xD2 industrial bombing, 9 transport points, +2 extra supply range.
Marine Upgrade MarineX= three per purchase. HalftrackX= +1 att/def, air transportable, -1 transport size, and 2 AA shots.
aa Upgrade aaGunX= 6 AA shots, +1 att/def, air transportable, supports 2 extra aircraft. fighterX= -2PUs, +1 scramble range
German Technology ArmamentX= +1 attack, +1 defense, +1 range, 2 AA first strike defensive shots.

1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 MONTH
4 10 16 22 28 34 40 JANUARY
5 11 17 23 29 35 MARCH
6 12 18 24 30 36 MAY
1 7 13 19 25 31 37 JULY
2 8 14 20 26 32 38 SEPTEMBER
3 9 15 21 27 33 39 NOVEMBER

- - is used to represent a number of originally owned territories lost to Japan
-1 Chinese Szechwan produces an infantry and artillery each round any of its other territories are under Japanese control.
-1 USA United States gains WAR banner. United States flying tigers arrive in Szechwan. aaGun activates in Hawaiian.
-2 USA Harbor built in Hawaii
-3 USA Japan receives Musashi battlecruiser. USA has 33% chance to receive submarine and Cruiser each round.
-1 Allies Allies gain 1 marine in New South Wales each turn up to 6 times. Allies receive WAR banner.
-4 Allies Allies gain 1 Heavy armour and 1 supplies in India for five rounds.
-7 Allies Once only, allies gain naval forces from the Atlantic Theater
X Allies gain new capitol in Canada if New South Wales falls
X If Japan controls Soviet Union, Russians declare WAR. Tsinghai generates an armour every turn. Soviet Union counterstrikes.
X Once per Chinese territory taken by Japan, each adjacent territory has a 3d6 chance of spawning a warbanner which autoproduces one infantry every round. Tsinghai and Szechwan receive two infantry instead of a chance for a warbanner. Instead of a warbanner chance, When Tsinghai falls, one infantry spawns in adjacent territory and When Szechwan falls, every Chinese territory receives one infantry, two in hardmode.
2+ Japan, United States, and Allies can begin purchasing tech tokens.
4+ War Fatigue Maintenance Costs go into effect for Japan
6+ Easy and Hard Mode options are removed. Usa and Allies declare war if not already at war. 20% chance per round Russian placements, if they control Soviet Union.
8+ Japan gains 1 Kamikaze each round enemy naval presence is detected within range=2 of Japan. Japanese may aid Germany.
10 Russians reinforce or counterattack in Soviet Union.
12 United States gains an Atlantic Fleet in Sea Zone 3, marines and bombers in West US, and lands in India.
14 Allies gain 3 bombers in Line and forces land in South Asia if New South Wales ally controlled
16 Russians may support counterattack in Tsinghai.
18+ Until round 30, Americans may receive income boost: +5 PUs Normal Mode, +10 PUs Hard Mode, +5 PUs Mid Timeline, +10 PUs Lo Timeline
20 If Asia Under Japanese control, Combined forces will invade it, otherwise, will attempt a deep strike naval blockade
22 Allies gain a fleet near India if controlled and in Sea Zone 1 if New South Wales not lost
24 Chinese Rebellion. If Szechwan is Japanese controlled, Chinese infantry will spawn randomly for two rounds.
26 if USA controls an airbase near Japan, they strike Japan with 4 nuclear bombers.
28 Usa gains 6 Armaments in Hawaiian and India gains complex in normal and hard modes if the respective territories are owned by USA and Allies. Additionally, United States gains 6 Armaments and New South Wales gains 3 LevelBombers if Japan is in Hard Mode or already won a victory banner.
30 Russia may invade Eastern Asia from Tsinghai with 5 bombers, 4 infantry, 3 supplies, 2 Forward Bases, and one complex.

8 ALL Germany requests AID. Japan has option to purchase Japanese-German AID. 4 PUs + resource each round.
16 ALL German timeline splits into three. Americans receive 3, 2, or 1 extra tech tokens on even rounds 20-30 in LO, MID, or HI timelines, respectively.
16 LO European events progress in a historical fashion. This timeline occurs if Japan gives no aid -AND- does not control 16 Asian mainland territories.
16 MID Aid to Germany stops. Germany gives 6 PUs and 3 Tek aid per round to Japan. This timeline occurs if Japan gives aid -OR- controls 16 Asian mainland territories, including Soviet Union.
16 HI This timeline occurs if Japan gives aid -AND- controls 16 Asian mainland territories.
24 LO Germany defeated. A large fleet of American ships arrives at the Panama Canal from the European Theater.
24 MID Germany gives Japan rocket technology enabling production of ArmamentX units.
24 HI Aid to Germany stops. Germany gives 6 PUs and 3 Tek every round to Japan. Germany gives Japan rocket technology enabling production of ArmamentX units.
30 LO Soviet Union invades Eastern Asia. America begins producing 2 nuclear bombers every other round.
30 MID Germany defeated. Soviet Union invades Eastern Asia. Germany no longer gives aid. A small fleet of American ships arrives at the Panama Canal from the European Theater. Americans begin producing one nuclear bomber every other round.
30 HI Germany defeats the Soviet Union and sends various units to the Pacific Theater under Japanese control.

Halftrack 1 fighter fleet_fighter bomber armour
HalftrackX 2 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX armour armourX Heavy_Armour LevelBomber
Armament 1 fighter fleet_fighter bomber armour
ArmamentX 2 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX armour armourX Heavy_Armour LevelBomber
aaGun 4 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX armour LevelBomber
aaGunX 6 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX armour armourX Heavy_Armour LevelBomber LevelBomberX Interceptor
submarine 2 transport
submarineX 3 transport transportX
destroyers 1 submarine submarineX
Cruiser 2 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX LevelBomber
Interceptor 1 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX LevelBomber LevelBomberX bomber_nuclear Flying_Tigers
DeathCharge 1 fighter fighterX fleet_fighter fleet_fighterX bomber bomberX armour LevelBomber
Yamato 3 fighter fleet_fighter
Musashi 3 submarine

HOW SCRAMBLING WORKS: Scrambling is an option which appears only on defense. Any aircraft with scrambling capability, on a ship or with an aaGun, can scramble to assist on defense if they are within range. The scrambling prompt window asks if you want to scramble FROM a location TO a location. Since each air unit can only scramble one place on each enemy round, consider before sending. Many times it is not adviseable to scramble. Other times scrambling can produce tremendous results. Experiment and learn.

Pacific Theater Solo Challenge