Pact of Steel 2

A mod of POS by Veqryn

The purpose of this map is to provide a fun map that shows off all the newest features TripleA has to offer.

This map uses the ww2v3 + LHTR rules as a base, expanding it with various upgrades like triggered bonuses, air scrambling, etc.

New things: 1. Sea Zones 3 and 4, are Russian Convoy Centers. If Russia controls it, they get the income from it. If someone else controls it, that player gets no income from it, but they deny the income to Russia. It can not be captured during non-combat phase.
2. Sea Zones 5 and 6, are Convoy Routes. They are linked to the land territory of Norway. At least one Convoy Zone must be controlled by the same power that controls the land territory for that power to gain the income from the land territory. They can not be captured during non-combat phase. If more than 1 route is linked to a single land territory, only 1 route needs to be controlled to get the income from land territory. Routes can have PU values just like convoy centers.
3. Sea Zones 37, 47, 48, 49, 58, are Blockade Zones. Each enemy warship in these zones reduces the income of touching land territories by 1 per warship, 2 per normal submarine.
4. Air_Transport is an air unit that specializes in dropping off units, has 4 movement, and can carry into battle or drop off in a friendly territory any 2-3 units. Enabled when you get "paratroopers" tech.
5. Super_Carrier is a beefed up carrier that can also transport 1 infantry and 1 other land unit like a tank or artillery. It has only 1 hitpoint, just like normal carriers and cruisers.
6. Midget_Submarine is a Japanese only unit with 3 attack, 2 defence, and 2 movement (costs 4). If it attacks or defends it will die after shooting (it is a suicide unit). Japan can purchase them after certain conditions are met, and they don't receive bonus movement from harbours.
7. Kamikaze Fighters are what Japanese fighters turn into if certain conditions are met. They have 5 attack, 3 defense, and 3 movement (cost 8), and they are allowed to use up all their movement to go to a battle, do not require a landing zone for movement, and they will die after rolling their dice.
8. Airfield gives +1 movement to air units, and allows fighters to scramble to defend surrounding sea zones if you turn on "Scramble Rules In Effect". Can receive up to 6 damage, and stops working when having more than 2 damage.
9. Harbour gives +1 movement to warships, and are needed to repair Battleships if you turn on "Two HitPoint Units Require Repair Facilities". Can receive up to 6 damage, and stops working when having more than 2 damage.
10. Bunkers are defensive units that can also be bombed/rocketted, will not participate in battle if damaged, and will die if they reach 4 damage. They may be placed in any territory you owned at the beginning of the turn (just like Factories, Airfields, and Harbours) where you also have a land unit, but there is a limit of 1 per territory.
11. New Technologies: reinforcedHulls (gives +2 defense to subs), and wolfPackTactics (gives +1 att). Available to Germans after they get superSubs.
12. Each nation may only purchase factories up to 3 total, if a nation controls more than 3 they can not purchase new factories (they can keep capturing new ones though).
13. Politics phase: alliances and states of war are now dynamic and can be changed in game. Japan and Russia start out in a state of Neutrality towards each other, while Russia, America and the UK also start out as neutral towards each other. Japan and Russia will go to war on the 5th turn if they are still neutral by then. Italy and Russia have the option of declaring a 2 round ceasefire.
14. Strategic Bombing Raids can now have an Air battle preceeding the raid. Fighters escorting the bombers, and any defending interceptors fire at 2, while the bombers fire at 1. The battle only lasts 1 round.
15. Long Range Aircraft tech now only increases movement by 1.

National Objectives Germany: Lebensraum- +4 PUs if Axis control 7 out of 9 of East Balkans, Eastern Europe, Ukraine S.S.R., Belorussia, West Russia, Norway, Karelia S.S.R., Archangel, Caucus
+4 PUs if Axis control Western Europe, AND there are NO enemy surface ships in 3 out of 3 of sea zones 5, 6, and 7
* Germany gains Super Subs if at the end of their 4th or 5th turn, there are NO enemy surface ships in 3 out of 3 of sea zones 5, 6, and 7
* Germany gains Mechanized Infantry if at the end of their 3rd or 4th turn, the Axis control 6 out of 7 of East Balkans, Eastern Europe, Ukraine S.S.R., Belorussia, Karelia S.S.R., Archangel, Caucus
* Germany gains Rockets if at the end of their 3rd or 4th turn, the Axis do NOT control Western Europe, but DO control Norway
* Germany has access to additional submarine technology if they get superSubs, and getting superSubs also gives access to reinforcedHulls to Italians (in place of Shipyards)

Japan: The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere- +4 PUs if Axis control 7 out of 7 of India, French Indochina, Kwangtung, Manchuria, China, Central China, Sinkiang
+4 PUs if Axis control 10 out of 13 of Alaska, East Indies, Borneo, Philipine Islands, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, Midway
* Japan's destroyers gain the ability to transport a single infantry If on the 3rd or 4th turn, the Axis do NOT control ANY of Sinkiang, India, Burytia S.S.R.
* Japan's transports gain an additional capacity of 1 (allowing 3 infantry or 2 tanks/artillery per transport) If at the end of their 3rd, 4th, or 5th turns, Japan controls 3 out of 3 of Australia, India, Sinkiang
* Japan gains, only once, a single additional midget_submarine in sz61 If it loses control over any of its original territories
* Japan gains the ability to produce midget_submarines If it loses control over 2 of its islands: Okinawa, Philipine Islands, East Indies, Borneo, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, Wake Island
* Japan gains the ability to produce kamikaze fighters, and all their current fighters turn into kamikaze fighters If it loses control over 2 of its islands, one of which being Philipine Islands (note that this objective may or may not be wanted, depending on the situation)

Italy: Mare Nostrum- +4 PUs if Axis control 8 out of 11 of Western Europe, Sardinia, Sicily, West Balkans, Greece, Algeria, Libya, Anglo Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Italian East Africa, Gibraltar AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 13, 14, 15, and 15B
* Italy gains, only once, a free purchase of a cruiser If at the beginning of their 3rd or 4th turn the Axis control 4 out of 4 of Algeria, Libya, Anglo Egypt, Trans-Jordan

United States: The Arsenal of Democracy- +2-10 PUs, starting on turn 2 America will begin making +2 income as America's war-time economy ramps up. This will increase by +2 more every 2 turns, so that turn 4 will begin making +4, turn 6 will make +6, and so on until +10 is reached
+4 PUs if Allies control 3 out of 8 of Western Europe, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy, Greece, West Balkans, Algeria, Libya AND no enemy surface ships in sea zones 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14
+4 PUs if Allies controls 6 out of 13 of Alaska, East Indies, Borneo, Philipine Islands, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, Midway
+4 PUs if Japan has no Battleships OR no Carriers at the end of USA's turn
* USA gains Paratroopers if at the end of Germany's 3rd, 4th or 5th turns, the Allies control Western Europe
* USA gains Improved Shipyards if at the end of their 3rd, 4th or 5th turns, USA controls 4 out of 4 of Alaska, Wake Island, Hawaiian Islands, Midway
* USA gains War Bonds if at any time before the end of the 8th turn, the above 2 conditions are met at the end of Germany's turn
* USA's fighter's gain the ability to support infantry, stackable with artillery, IF at any time the USA has 2 out of 2 of War Bonds and Jet Power technologies
* USA can give land units to Russia by landing them in Archangel

United Kingdom: The British Empire- +4 PUs if the UK controls 1 out of 6 of East Indies, Borneo, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, Okinawa
+4 PUs if Allies control 9 out of 11 of Gibraltar, Algeria, Libya, Anglo Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Persia, French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa, Italian East Africa, Belgian Congo, Kenya
+4 PUs if Allies control 3 out of 3 of Union of South Africa, India, Australia
* UK gains Paratroopers if at the end of Germany's 3rd, 4th or 5th turns, the Allies control Western Europe
* UK gains AA Radar if at the end their 3rd or 4th turn, the Allies control 4 out of 5 of Union of South Africa, Gibraltar, Anglo Egypt, India, Australia

Soviet Union: The Great Patriotic War- +4 PUs if Soviets control 3 out of 5 of Norway, Eastern Europe, East Balkans, Ukraine S.S.R., Belorussia
+4 PUs if Soviets control Archangel and no allied forces in Soviet controlled land territories
+2 PUs AND +2 Tech Token, only once, if Soviets control Norway or East Balkans
* Soviet's artillery gain the ability to support 2 infantry on attack If at the end of their 3rd or 4th turn, the Soviets control Karelia S.S.R. and Caucus (this effect can be doubled to 4 infantry supported if Russia gets Improved Artillery technology)
* Soviets gain, only once, an additional 3 infantry in Yakut S.S.R. if at the beginning of their turn, Japan controls any original Russian territory
* Soviets gain control of any American land units that are in Archangel at the end of America's turn
* Soviets have double chance of getting Improved Artillery when rolling for tech
* Soviets destroy their industrial production (PUs) instead of letting it be captured, when they lose their capital
* Soviets destroy their AA Guns instead of letting them be captured

China: Chinese Resistance & The Flying Tigers +1 infantry for every two territories controlled by China at the end of her turn, rounded up. May only place a max of 2 units per territory per turn. All units must be place in a territory with less than 4 Chinese units
+4 PUs and the ability to produce extra units, if Allies control Sinkiang, Central China, India. May use this money to produce a limited selection of units. May purchase tanks and fighters if these territories are controlled.
* China gains 1 infantry in Sinkiang if at the beginning of their turn, there are no enemy units in 3 out of 6 of Sinkiang, Central China, China, Manchuria, Kwangtung, French Indochina. This unit is given at the beginning of combat move step, and can not be moved until next turn.
* No Chinese Units, including the Chinese Fighter may leave Chinese territory: Sinkiang, Central China, China, Manchuria, Kwangtung, French Indochina (this means no entering sea zones), unless the Japanese capital has fallen once
* Chinese destroy any non-combat units they would otherwise capture (factories, aa guns, harbours, airfields)


      • Air/Naval Tech ***
        SUPER SUBS- submarine units get +1 attack
        JET POWER- fighters and air transports get +1 attack
        IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- naval units are cheaper
        AA RADAR- AA hit on 2 or less
        LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircraft range increased by 1
        HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber attack (if LHTR enabled: rolls 2 dice and selects the best one, StratBombing adds one to result)
      • Land/Production Tech ***
        IMPROVED ARTILLERY SUPPORT- artillery support 2 infantry (double the support given)
        ROCKETS- AA conduct rocket attacks for 1d6 damage to production (each factory may only be targetted once per turn by one rocket, and only 1 rocket in each territory may fire)
        PARATROOPERS- each bomber may carry 1 infantry into combat (must stop in first enemy territory it reaches)
        INCREASED FACTORY PRODUCTION- factories produce 2 additional units (if territory value is 3 or greater), repairs 1/2 price
        WAR BONDS- collect an 1d6 extra PUs each turn
        MECHANIZED INFANTRY- tanks may carry 1 infantry each for 2 spaces
      • Submarine Technology ***
        REINFORCED HULLS- submarines get +2 defense (only shows up in battles)
        WOLF PACK TACTICS- submarines get +1 attack and +1 defense (only shows up in battles)

Each nation has at least one technology that they can not research. This is shown by a "-" in the research tab. The Germans can't research War Bonds, Japanese can't get Shipyards, Russians can't get Paratroopers, British can't get Mechanized Inf, Americans can't get Rockets, and Italians can't get about half of the techs. Also, UK, Russia, and Italy get Destroyers Bombard instead of Super Subs.

Victory Conditions Total Victory - 15 Victory Cities
Projection of Power - 11 Victory Cities
Axis can achieve a Triggered Victory by controlling all 4 of Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and Russia.
Allies can achieve a Triggered Victory by controlling all 4 of United Kingdom, Eastern United States, Germany, and Japan.

Major Differences Between ww2v2 revised and ww2v3 1. In ww2v2 transport units are just like any other unit, and can be used as fodder by being taken casualty first in combat, however in ww2v3 style rules, transports have no defense power and may only be taken casualty after all other non-transport ships are dead.
2. In ww2v2, you can build fighters on carriers if you build both at the same time, and if you build a carrier you can move existing fighters to carriers when you build a carrier in the adjacent sea zone. In ww2v3, you can build new fighters onto existing carriers as well as new carriers, but you may not move existing fighters onto new carriers, as instead you can non-combat move the fighters to where the carrier will be built, then place the carrier under it.
3. In ww2v2, when you strategic bomb or rocket a factory, you immediately reduce the enemy's PUs. In ww2v3, you do damage to the factory, up to twice the value of the territory. Each point of damage reduces the number of units that can be produced there by 1. The player may repair the damage during their purchase phase.
4. In ww2v2, when you fly over a territory with an AA Gun, the gun gets to fire at each aircraft. In ww2v3, the AA Gun only fires when you attack or bomb the territory it is in.
5. In ww2v2, submarines and transports block the movement of other sea units. In ww2v3, submarines and transports do not block the movement of other sea units, and may be bypassed or attacked.
6. In ww2v2, technology is rolled for, and if you miss nothing happens. In ww2v3, you buy tech tokens, and at the beginning of your turn you roll for each of your tokens. If you roll a 6, you discard all tokens and roll a second time to see which technology you get.
7. In ww2v2, no land units may retreat from an amphibious assault. In ww2v3, the non-amphibious units may retreat.
8. In ww2v2, bombardment immediately kills units, and you are allowed infinite bombardments. In ww2v3, a unit hit by bombard may return fire against the attacking units before dying, and the number of bombards is limited to the number of land units being dropped off from that sea zone.
9. In ww2v2, air units can hit submarines. In ww2v3, an owned destroyer must be present for air units to hit submarines.
10. In ww2v2, submarines may choose to submerge at the end of each round of combat. In ww2v3, they may choose to submerge before each round of combat (and consequently, you can't kill them without a destroyer).
11. In ww2v2, submarines fire at the beginning of combat, and if there is no enemy destroyer then any casualties are removed immediately. In ww2v3, submarines get their surprise strike both on offense and defense, and both can be nullified by the presence of an enemy destroyer (so in ww2v3, if attacking an enemy sub, the attacker with a sub + destroyer, who's sub hits, would immediately kill the defending sub with no chance for it to return fire).

Differences for LHTR rules 1. Technology is activated during the Place-Units phase (at the end of the turn rather then the beginning).
2. Heavy Bombers roll 2 dice, selecting best one. If strategic bombing, select best of two dice, then add '1' to the result.
3. Super Subs get a bonus of '1' to defense in addition to the bonus of '1' to attack.
4. LHTR uses same fighter-carrier rules, and aaGun rules, as ww2v3.

Generic How-To-Play The game is made up of rounds, during a round each player gets to do a number of steps/phases.
The phases are, in order: Research Technology, Repair Factories and Purchase Units, Combat Movement, Resolve Battles, Non-Combat Movement, Place Units.
At the beginning of your turn, you purchase units. At the end of the turn, you get to place those units in territories you own that have a factory.
During Combat Movment, you move any units to attack enemy units and territories. During Non-Combat Movement, you may move any units that have movement left (attacking an enemy remove any movement of land and sea units, but not air units).
Battles happen by use of dice. A unit has a certain attack power, and you roll a dice for each unit. If your dice is equal or less than the attack power of the unit, you have scored a hit. So for example, a tank attacks on 3. For it, you will roll a single die, and if you score 1-3 on the die you have hit the enemy, while if you score 4-6 you have missed the enemy. An infantry defends on 2, so a roll of 1-2 is a hit, while 3-6 are misses.
After the attacker has rolled dice for each of his units, the defender tallies the total number of 'hits' and then selects which of his defending units will die later. After this, the defender rolls for his units and the attacker selects which of his units will die. When both have finished rolling, the units selected to die are removed from the game. If there are no more attackers left, then the defender has won, and if there are no more defenders left, then the attacker has won and he moves his remaining attacking units into that territory. If both players have units left still, the attack may choose to play another round of battle, or retreat all his remaining forces to a territory where at least one of his forces came from.
Players must work with their allies to destroy the enemies, with the game ending when one side surrenders or certain conditions are met (like having captured a clear majority of the major cities).

Credits for original POS:
Triplelk, DMA02, Iron Cross, Aibrahim, SGB, KC1189, Zero Pilot, Tactics, Underdog
A mod by Veqryn
Many of the new properties and options were coded by Veqryn.
A personal thank you to Squid Daddy and ComradeKev for coding some of the new features that this map shows off
Relief Tiles by Conarymor.
Only actual unit changes: some destroyers turned into cruisers, and a German destroyer added to sz5, German sub in sz8 moved to sz7.
The AIs are meant to be bad at this map, please don't tell me the AIs are bad at this map.    

Pact of Steel 2