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Pantheon: War of the Mythos is a mega multi-player boardgame. Supporting 2 to 15 players. Players assume control of a pantheon from among the Greeks, Norse, Egyptians, Celts, Babylonians, the Jade Emperor, and more. Build an army and support it with the heroes and gods from your pantheon and conquer the world. Including "Interloper" factions like Heaven and Hell, Ragnorak, the Four Horsemen, Lords of Order, Lords of Chaos, Amazonians and more..

Pantheons is easy to play, with just three principle game units (Infantry, Heroes, and Gods), though each Hero and God unit for each of the 15 pantheons is uniquely named with its own combat rating. Wage war and balance alliances with the other pantheons in your bid to become the world's greatest hierchy of gods. Develope new mystical abilities and recruit interloper factions like forces of Heave or Hell, Ragnorak, the Four Horsement and more to help lead your armies into battle.