Combined Rules for A&A Europe and A&A Pacific Parallel AAE & AAP

- by Der Renk -

The Rules

Since the official rules are not available at the moment, we use the following (and quite simple) rules:

Maps and IPCs stay the same (since quite balanced) No Units can be transferred IPCs can be transferred at a rate of 2 for 1 Germany gains Victory Points like Japan; adjust German IPCs by 10 for calculating VPs (also great for a Europe only game) Winners of one of the maps receive +10 IPCs for the remainder of the other map's game (Russia won't get that bonus) House rules

The following house rules are used:

No sub stalling, Transporters can load units if SZ occupied. Since Germany almost always looses the game if forced to conquer Russia, we use the Alies build 12 IPCs first rule and Russia is not allowed to take over allied units. However, with VPs for Germany, Germany has to build up first. US is restricted to 2 builds at Hawai (see other post). No CAP in Europe. Destoyers in Europe perform shore bombardment on 2. Rüdiger / Der Renk

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Pacific Forum July 29.