I love Axis & Allies...I love the Hellboy/BPRD can I combine them????

1942..The Great Powers of the world use their Magical powers in a wrold shattering conflict of global domination!!!

Ok, come up with these this afternnon. No play testing, just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Axis & Allies: Weird War 2 Variant Rules

Each Nation spends Manna to create spells. Spells can be used at any time during a turn, regardless of who’s turn it currently is. Starting Manna: USSR=12, GER=13, UK=17, JAP=14, USA=13  Total Manna = +1 for Each Area under control, +2 for Each High Manna Area under control.  High Manna Areas: USSR- Kaz, Nov; GER- Bal, Nor; UK- Aus, Ind; JAP- Man, New; USA- Mex, Bra. Manna is not accumulated from previous turns. Any Manna not used in a turn is lost at the end of the turn.

Spell Success: roll 1d6, a roll of 6 is a failure. Repeated spell use adds +1 to the roll for each additional attempt to use a spell more than once in the same turn.

Zombie Infantry (USSR only): Return Inf casualties lost in a battle round back into the next battle round. Cost 1 for 2 Zombies; each additional 2 Zombies cost +1 and +1 failure roll. Make a single Success roll for the combined number of Zombies. All zombies are eliminated once the combat is over.

Necropolis (Germany only): Cost 2/Success roll +1, Player suffers a Permanent loss of 1 ICP in 1 area in exchange for a 1 Turn bonus of 2d6 Manna. The area must be worth more than 1 ICP.

Change Fate(UK only): Cost 1 per unit. Re-roll all Attack or Defense dice for all your units in a single combat round. You must take the results of this re-roll.

Godzilla (Japan only): Cost 10, Success roll +1 for each sea area beyond those adjacent to the Japanese Home Island. Atk 3, Def 4, Move 1(Land/Sea), Hits 3. Raised from a Sea area. Travels in Seas submerged, treat as sub. On land, may fight regularly. May attack enemy Factory if no enemy units are in the area, Factory suffers 1d6 ICP loss. Godzilla remains on the board until it is destroyed. If hit buy enemy unit, Godzilla may fall into a killing frenzy on a roll of 6. Frenzy -Godzilla now controlled by enemy player for the remainder of the battle. After battle Frenzy-Godzilla is removed from the board.

Foo-Fighters (USA only): Cost 1. Treat any 1 Land/Sea area as having Anti-air Artillery for 1 turn.

Aurora: Cost = Area ICPs. Will protect any 1 area from ALL Enemy ICP attacks for 1 Turn.

Werewolves: Cost 1. Place 1 Werewolf in an enemy controlled land area that originally belonged to you. Werewolves prevent enemy from using ICPs from the occupied area, and prevent enemy units from leaving that area. Werewolves may be attacked and eliminated by enemy land units, Werewolves defend on 2. Werewolves remain until eliminated or the area is liberated. 

Teleport: Cost 5 + unit cost divided by 4. Allows you to immediately move 1 unit from any area you control to any other area under your control. Must be allowed for that unit Tanks in the Mid-Atlantic, etc.

Weather Control: All effects last until the beginning of the Player’s next turn. Player chooses one of the following effects: Typhoon-Cost6/1 Sea, each ship suffers a Hit on a roll of 1. Sandstorm/Blizzard/Tornado- Cost 4/1 Land area, all attacking units’ Attack Numbers are lowered by 1, to a minimum of 1. Fog- Cost 2/1 Any area, no aircraft may participate in ANY missions into/from this area.

Chain Lightning: Cost 1 per enemy unit. Attack every enemy units in 1 area. Enemy units suffer a Hit on a roll of 1.

Time warp: Cost=10+unit cost divided by 4. Brings 1 friendly unit from the future to assist in a single battle. May be ANY Land/Air/Sea combat unit. Add +1 to Atk and Def ratings for that type of unit (i.e. Future Infantry Atk2/Def 3). This unit may not retreat from the battle and is removed at the end of combat.

Manna Siphon: Cost 5. May only be used once per turn. Enemy may lose available Manna. Modified Success roll 1d6; 1= spell backfires and attacker losses 2 Manna; 2 to 3= no effect; 4 to 5= Enemy losses 4 or 5 Manna; 6= roll again and add the two dice together for a Total Enemy Manna loss.

Spear of Destiny: Cost = Unit Attack #. Allow 1 unit to re-roll failed attack rolls during a single battle during YOUR combat phase ONLY.

Aegis: Cost = Unit Defense #. Allow 1 unit to re-roll failed defense rolls during a single battle.

Dragon’s blood: Cost 2. Allow 1 Infantry unit to gain Atk 2 / Def 3 during a single battle. May be hit by AAA, treat as aircraft.

Maermen: Cost 1. Allows 1 Infantry unit to travel submerged across 1 Sea area. Total movement of 2. Mermen ignore enemy naval units in the Sea area. Ability lost at the end of the turn.

Hellfire: Cost 2. Allows Artillery unit to make a single attack roll (Atk 1) on all enemy land units in a single battle. 

Kraken: Cost =2. Allow 1 Sea unit to gain submerge ability for 1 turn. Treat as sub for combat/movement.