Axis & Allies Part II "The Patton Charge"

-By Matt Van Pelt-


Here are the rules for The Patton Charge. It is an ambiguous sort of beginning, but there are two different ways to play...I have tried it many times, we even started using ten sided dice for tech rolls to reflect the advances made by the US, and other countries durringthe late and postwar years. It worked well, both ways. We have played with the post-war setup, and just played through (more fun I think) and the results have been amazing, since usualy Russia ends up getting a piece of pie in Manchuria, and maybe even in China (the only time it counts for the US is when Japan is still in, then Mao swoops in (using Russian Units)).

Turn Order

It should be the same as if GERMANY and JAPAN were out of it... So this results in:



United States

Victory Conditions

The Winning Goal of course is total conquest of the given empire. Of course you can make the game shorter by making the end goal conquest of the capitols of the opposing side.

Empty territories

If there are countries without units in them. They are controlled by the original owner. Western Europe is controlled by Britian, and all other territories are then assumed to be under the controll of the US. Of course it would be a good idea to use controll markers.


Cruisers (if using the XENO games or other expansion set) are to be considered small vessels for all intents and purposes.


For Purposes of production, each player is limited in number of units it can produce in any conquered territory (i.e. not a home territory) by the number printed onthe map. For Example: Russia begins with the German factory, it can only produce a maximum of 10 (Germany's value). For realism sake it should be smaller (the allies did bomb the place for 4 years..), but I allow for the resource potential of Germany to be exploited.

Initial Setup

Here is how the Post-war set-up goes for the 1945 version. For Balance you may increase the total Russian INF by 10 (we used Yhatzee chips to count as 10s etc.) You may place these anywhere. If you so choose you may balance the game for the Allies (already balanced in their favor) by holding back the Auto-tech rule.

The Numbers in Parenthases indicate the items from 'World War II the expansion' you need not use these, they just make thinks more interesting. You may also want to be sure you get a 10 sided dice for new tech rolls.


The index of abbreviations is:

INF - infantry ARM - Armour FTR - fighter SUB - submarine


Move all Units in the main set-up foward using E. Europe as the Frontier. (i.e. E. Europe has the same number as Caucusus normal Starting Set-Up, Ukraine Gets Moscow's Setup, etc...) The Caucasus does start out empty when the game begins. The AA gun and Factory in Moscow do not, of course, move up to Caucasus, they remain in Moscow.

10 INF in Moscow

3 ARM in Moscow

2 FTR in Moscow

Don't change the Karelia Setup. (but Add 2 Sub, 1 Arm, 2 FTR,

3 INF, (2 Cruiser, 3 Destroy)

2 INF in Finland/Norway

1 FTR in Finland/Norway

4 INF in Soviet Far East

2 ARM in Soviet Far East

1 SUB in Soviet Far East

1 FTR in Soviet Far East

(2 Destroyers in Soviet Far East)

4 INF in China (may be increased to 6 for balancing purposes)

4 INF in Sinkiang (or as it says with the error SSingkiang:))

4 INF in Kwangtung

4 INF in Manchuria

8 INF in Germany

6 ARM in Germany

3 FTR in germany

The Numbers May seem large, but this reflects the massive call to arms and the massive turnout in the Soviet Union durring and after the War.

USSR Starts Out With The Following Techs:


Super Subs

Long Range Aircraft

Industrial Technology (heck they could even move their factories in the real war!)


5 INF in E. USA

3 ARM in E. USA

3 FTR in E. USA


1 SUB in E. USA

1 Carrier in E. USA

(2 Destroyers in E. USA)

4 INF in W. USA

2 ARM in W. USA

2 FTR in W. USA

2 INF in Philipines

(2 Destroyers in Philipines)

1 FTR in Philipines

3 Trnasports in Philipines

1 INF in each other South Pacific Island (except Austrailia)

4 INF in Japan

2 ARM in Japan

3 FTR in Japan

2 Carriers in Japan (each with 2 FTR)

2 Battleships in Japan

1 Sub in Japan

(4 Cruisers in Japan)

3 Bombers in Okinawa

2 Bombers in Alaska

1 FTR in French IndoChina-Burma (British Controlled)

7 INF in W. Europe

5 ARM in W. Europe

4 FTR in W. Europe

3 Bombers in England (British Controlled)

3 FTR in England

3 INF in S. Europe

2 ARM in S. Europe

3 FTR in S. Europe

2 Bombers in S. Europe

(1 Destroyer in W. Europe)

(1 Cruiser in Mediteranian (your Choice!)

1 Carrier in Italy (with 1 FTR)

USA Starts Out with the Following Techs:

Long Range Aircraft

Jet Power

Industrial Tech

Heavy Bombers

Nuclear Weapons (see addendum)

United Kingdom

4 INF in W. Europe (USA controlled)

1 Arm in W. Europe (USA controlled)

2 FTR in W. Europe (USA controlled)

3 Bombers in England

4 INF in England

1 Arm in England

2 Battleships in England

4 Tansports in Ingland

(3 Destroyers in England)

4 FTR in England

3 INF in India

2 Arm in India

2 FTR in India

2 INF in S.E. Asia

1 FTR in S.E. Asia

1 INF in Each Non-Neutral Mid-East Country (Each one now worth 2 IPC's to reflect oil production)

1 INF in Turkey (UK controlled)

2 INF in Australia

2 Battle Ships in New Zealand

1 Carrier in India (with 2 FTR's)

Canada has same starting Setup (plus 2 INF and 1 FTR in E. Canada)

1 INF in Each other British Controlled country from Begining of game.

UK starts out with folloing Techs:

Long Range Aircraft

Jet Power

Heavy bombers

Automatic Tech Advances

These Automatic Technology advances are included for game balance

After 1 Turn USSR Automaticaly gets Nuclear Weapons (though they may try sooner) After 3 Turns USSR automaticaly gets Jet power (though they may try beforehand)

Additional Technologies

Nuclear Weapons (7): Allows 1 Nuclear attack on an enemy IC per 3 rounds (reflecting the complexity of nuclear weapons) it does 6D6 (6 six-sided Dice) damage to industry (loss of money). Range of attack depends on range of bombers included. It is 6D6 per bomber (HUGE damage!). It also costs 4 IPCs for each round of nuclear bombing (to outfit any number of bombers.) This reflects the great cost of manufacture.

Super Carriers (8): Allows the fitting of either 1 bomber or 3 FTR on each Carrier

Air Transport (9): Allows the Long Range Movement of troops, designate certain Bombers (defense value of 1, no offensive capibility (like transports they can transport units the current range of the bomber allocated). Air Transports carry 2 infantry.

Ballistic missiles (10): After 5 Rounds from begining of war, those with Rocket Technology may launch one Nuclear attack Via Missile (range three) (4D6 damage to IPC's) every three rounds. They may NOT launch an attack UNTIL they have developed Ballistic Missiles. They must ALSO have Rockets before being able to develop Balistic missiles. You must have Nuclear weapons tolaunch a Ballistic Missile attack. The Cost is 4 IPC's (just like a nuclear bombing attack.) You may Coordinate Bombing attacks with Missile attacks.


Special Thanks To : John McCaulay, Andre Divis, Steve Lickman, Jeff Wangler, Ben VanDeWeghe, and Xeno Games as Well as Milton Bradley for help of all sorts in creating this and making it playable. Also, thanks to all of you who play-test this so I know what to change to make it better...

Matt Van Pelt (updated on 5-24-95)

Remarks (by thrasher)

It is unclear as to whether there are industral complexes in Germany, Southern Europe and Japan (the conquered Axis 'capitals'). In my opinion they should be there. I think this scenario is interesting. Though some rules are unclear. For example what are the combat and movement abillities of Cruisers and Destroyers. And is there a difference between both. I suggest you give my Escort rules a try... It is unclear as to whether there are industral complexes in Germany, Southern Europe and Japan (the conquered Axis 'capitals'). Another unclear point is the option of 'playing through' after the Allies have won the original game. What will happen with Axis units still in play after their capital is captured? If they are removed from play which player will control the now empty areas? I also think the game is unbalanced towards the Allies thought the 10 additional infantry can help the USSR a lot!