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Much of the action in the comic strip (and later movies) starring Flash Gordon take place on the fictional planet Mongo. This planet is divided in several realms, such as:

Arboria: a forest principality, governed by prince Barin.

Frigia: a frozen kingdom, ruled over by queen Fria, cousin to Barin.

Coralia: an underwater kingdom beneath the Sea of Mystery, east of Arboria, ruled by queen Undina.

the Land of the Lion Men: also bordering the Sea of Mystery, ruled by king Thun.

the Magnetic Mountains: east of the Land of the Lion Men and current base of operations for Ming, the ousted king of Mongo.

the Sky City of the Hawk Men: north of the Magnetic Mountains, led by king Vultan.

Tropica: a jungle continent directly east of the Sky City, ruled by queen Desira.

the Fire Lands: on the east coast of Tropica, home of Gundar the Desert Hawk.

All these lands and their rulers and peoples figure prominently in the New Adventures of Flash Gordon. Mongo is threatened by Ming, usurper of the throne. In the animated series, Flash Gordon manages to forge a united front against Ming, who is then driven from the throne. This map can be found on this Flash Gordon fan website

Mongo map