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Potential 1914 Tournament Rules (Add.)

Original tournament rules:

Setup changes

Remove- AH:25 inf, 7 art, 1 trans, 1 cruis.;  OT:9 inf, 2 art;  RU:3 art;  IT:7 inf, 5 art;  GE: 2 subs

Add- RU: 1 sub;  FR: 2 subs, 12 inf, 3 art;  GB:4 BB, 3 subs, 2 trans;  US: 1 BB, 1 sub;  GE: 2 BB, 1 trans

Turn Sequence

Development of weapons is in the purchase/repair phase. Rules addition for weapons development:

Strategic movement occurs after combat

Order of Play

Turn 0: move & combat only (Africa frozen)

OT enters turn 1, IT enters turn 2 (optional: bid on side chosen), US enters when GE announces unrestricted sub. warfare

Allies cannot invade neutral countries

No minor ally activation until 1915 (turn 2)

After last power, out of supply units are eliminated & mobile warfare chits are removed

Manpower shortages in effect 1918 (turn 5): inf. & art. prices doubled (except US)

Game ends at conclusion of 1920 (turn 7)

How to win the game

Econ/Poli. Collapse rules take effect 1916

In addition to economic collapse, mutiny also takes effect: no attacks allowed until recovery

Blockade/sub warfare IPC deductions do affect econ/poli. collapse rules

Additional Rules

Arctic sea movement: treat sea zone 6 as mined

Strategic movement: land & sea forces may move unlimited but may not come into contact with enemy

Supply: trace to homeland or original colony (land & sea routes), if unable then elim. at end of turn (to a min. of 1 inf)- cannot trace through contested zones

Occupied zones must be garrisoned with at least one inf.

Blockade: if ship/sub in blockade zone, then role for IPC deduction. Unrestricted sub warfare announced- 1 die per 2 subs

Restricted sub warfare/blockade- 1 die per X subs/ships in blockade zones

X:  1915-33,  1916-16,  1917-9,  1918-5,  1919-3,  1920-2

Blockade zones:  enemy port SZ;  SZ#2,7,8 for GB/US;  SZ#5,9 for GE

Mobile warfare: place mobile warfare chit, unlimited combat rounds until one side elim.

Retreats: allowed after first round of combat during mobile warfare

Tanks: mobile warfare resumes if 1d6/2=less than number of tanks present

Stormtroopers: mobile warfare resumes if 1d6=less than number of stormtroopers present

Breakthrough: if defender is eliminated, then attacker advances one zone and conducts mobile warfare, and then turn is completed for attacking units


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